Catching Kelce's 50 Contestants Only Have 60 Seconds to Impress Travis Kelce: Watch the Outrageous and Awkward Introductions!

How far will the women go to avoid elimination?

By Gabi Duncan Oct 05, 2016 1:00 PMTags
Watch: 60 Seconds to Impress Travis Kelce

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

In this clip from tonight's Catching Kelce series premiere, the pressure is on for the 50 women competing for Travis Kelce's heart. Not only do they have to make a lasting impact on the football stud before elimination, but they only have 60 seconds to do it!

While this might seem like a nail-biting situation for the ladies, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end admits he's just as anxious about the introductions. "What these girls don't know is that I actually am as nervous as they are!" he says.

What's Travis Kelce's Ideal Type of Woman?

The ladies end up pulling out a number of unusual tactics to stay memorable in Travis' mind. Lolo from Washington appeals to his athletic side with lunges and frog jumps, whereas Lexi from Georgia brings him a sweet peach from her home state.

Meanwhile, Jenny from Oregon flaunts her freaky side with a tongue trick, Maya from Kentucky shows off her ballet moves and flexibility and Jordan from Arizona reveals a couple dance skills—with her breasts!

But poor Lauren from Pennsylvania lets her jitters get the best of her and completely freezes up during her moment with Travis!

See her awkward meltdown in the clip above!