Miranda Sings Declares Haters Back Off! With New Netflix Series Trailer

Get an exclusive sneak peek at the newest Netflix show

By Chris Harnick Oct 03, 2016 3:00 PMTags
Haters Back OffNetflix

Get ready to go behind closed doors into the secret life of … Miranda Sings. In the exclusive trailer below, get a sneak peek at the new Netflix series Haters Back Off!, the new series about the YouTube sensation created by Colleen Ballinger. Take a peek at the debut of the new key art above too.

Think Napoleon Dynamite but with lots more YouTube and lipstick.

Haters Back Off! also stars The Office's Angela Kinsey as Bethany, Miranda's mom, Steve Little as Jim, Miranda's uncle and Erik Stocklin as Patrick, Miranda's best friend. Ballinger has been posting videos as Miranda since 2008 and racked up more than one billion views.

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"The most famous people in the world started off on the Internet: Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle, that cat that fell off the table when it got scared," Miranda says in the trailer above.

Hey, she's going viral with 52 views. And that's where the hates come in. But Uncle Jim has a five-phase plan for fame. There's the viral video, television, singing career, movies and magician, naturally.

See if she accomplishes those goals when the eight-episode first season drops on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 14.