Kevin Hart, Conan O'Brien


If you follow Kevin Hart on social media you know he frequently hits the gym.

No matter how busy he is filming Jumanji in Hawaii or going on a press tour for What Now?, the comedian always manages to fit in a workout—much to Conan O'Brien's chagrin. In a segment on Conan Thursday, the redheaded host and Ride Along star hit a local crossfit gym to get in a workout together, and suffice it to say Hart proved to be slightly more in shape than the late-night host.

Before starting their training, however, Kevin and Conan talk about his latest movie, What Now?, in which he filmed his stand-up tour in a football stadium.

"It was 53,000 people who loved it," Kevin clarified after Conan continuously underestimated the number of attendees. 

"The first comedian to ever perform in a football stadium. What I really loved about what I did is that it hasn't been done before. Rock 'n' roll!"

Conan and Kevin also dissected each other's fitness outfits, vying for sponsorships wherever they could by name-dropping brands. But ultimately Kevin became distracted by Conan's skin color. "I hate how pale you are," Kevin joked.

"I see no difference in color here," Conan quipped. "I don't see color, Kevin."

Both stars finally start their workout, beginning with basic pull-ups, which Kevin could master without thinking. Conan, on the other hand, didn't have as much luck.

"Get under my ass!" Conan requested. "A little boost or I won't promote your f--king movie!"

With a threat like that, Kevin immediately posted up underneath Conan's butt. The dynamic duo eventually made their way to throwing medicine balls down and tossing exercise balls back and forth with the help of a trainer, of course, but the results are absolutely hilarious.

Watch the video above to see just how badly Kevin beats Conan in the gym.

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