Who's under the sheet?! We won't find out the identity of the victim on the gurney until the ninth episode of How to Get Away With Murder's third season, but we officially have our very first survivor!

At the very end of episode two, we learned that—wait, are you ready for this? Spoilers ahead!—Okay, you've been warned. 

The first person whom we know for certain survives is none other than Oliver, a.k.a. the newest member of Annalise's team. But Conrad Ricamora, who plays the sweet, newly single computer whiz, tells E! News that he isn't sure that means anything about how safe his character is in the long run.

"We know that I was there the night of the fire so we'll find out more about what role I played in the events of the night, but we don't know if I'm safe! I feel like no one's ever safe on this show," he says.

How to Get Away With Murder, Viola Davis


In fact, he didn't even feel that relived when he found out he'd be the first person revealed safe. "Honestly, I didn't have a huge reaction just because the nature of the show is so tenuous and people are always on a tightrope and their lives are always in question," he says. "It's called How to Get Away With Murder! So I haven't really been celebrating too much other than loving [that I'm] still doing the show."

While Oliver has now joined the team at Annalise's new law clinic, that doesn't necessarily mean the Keating 5 are now the Keating 6. Annalise handing him a phone at a crime scene and telling him to wipe the contents? That might.

"[It's] a shock to him when she hands him the phone," Ricamora says. "He knows that Connor is keeping secrets but he doesn't exactly know how big they are and he doesn't know the extent of all of their past crimes and all of their past cover-ups. So I think that when she does it, it's a small initiation into the world of where they all live and whether he decides to go forward is going to be up to him."

As for Connor, now that the Coliver breakup is actually happening for real, Oliver is ready to move on—it's just a matter of time. "I think he's somebody that wants to be in a relationship, but he also has all of these other huge life changes that have happened to him," Ricamora says. "He's going to be navigating a new job, his new diagnosis, his newfound singledom. I think he's just going to be navigating all of those things in the next few episodes."

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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