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Malia Obama has the potential of being on the New York Times best-seller list.

Not for words, but for photos.

For the last few days, the oldest daughter of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle has been photographed taking her own pics of family and friends. She even snapped away with a digital camera during her dad's inauguration ceremony.

While we highly doubt the first family is putting the pics on the market, it did get us wondering about just how much those very behind-the-scenes pics could go for.

A full-color book would definitely pique publisher's interests. "The questions publishers would ask would be: Would she write a forward? Because it would need some text, and Would she do publicity?" a senior editor at a major New York publishing house says. "If the answer was yes to both, then there would be a major bidding war…It has every reason to be a best-seller, especially among kids."

Besides, a relationship with the 10-year-old first daughter could lead to much-coveted ties to the White House. "Publishers would be looking at the future," the editor said. "There will be a lot of books coming from this administration."

David Hauslaib of media-centric blog Jossip thinks Malia's family shots showing them "holding hands, kissing, laughing, whispering" could probably fetch about $250,000 from outlets like People or any number of entertainment or morning television shows. "But regular shots of her dad, mom, sister or grandmother that are not intimate wouldn't be very useful, and would drag the price down to the low five-figures."

Of course, Malia could be taking some video, too. We all know how much her dad loves YouTube. Hauslaib estimates that footage that includes audio of the first family talking to each other would also go for $250,000.

"Of course," Hauslaib says, "the Obama parents would never sell this footage, which means the price is actually invaluable."

Perhaps they'd do it for charity. Says the editor in NYC, "A book would go for six figures, especially if there was a charity element."

Sounds like it could be the perfect book pick for—who else?—first friend Oprah Winfrey.

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