James Harden

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Everybody and their mom loves them some good old fashioned Adele, no matter where you are or what you may be doing. James Harden is no exception. The Houston Rockets player was seen getting his "Hello" on in the midst of practice the other day, and it's literally all of us. Like, it's every Adele fan on this earth. To be fair, it's even every non-Adele fan on this earth. You can't escape her music, and no matter your preference, you most likely have about 80% of her lyrics memorized. Oh, and like Mr. Harden, you obviously know all the words to her smash hit, "Hello." "At least I can say that I tried," Harden mouths as he walks down the court. Even Adele herself doesn't have the much passion when she sings. Alright, of course, she does, but James is getting serious here. The man can lip sync, people. 

"Glad he's having fun out there man!," one fan Tweeted. Preach. People are also showing their love for Harden's shorts, and we couldn't agree more. So vintage. So chic. But that's not why we're here. The question that remains is, in a karaoke battle of Adele v. James Harden impersonating Adele, who would take the cake? We may never know, but what we do hope for is a future collab (whether it be basketball or music related) between the two of them. 

If you're both reading this, we have to ask, "Hello, can you hear me?" Sorry, not sorry. But if so, please think about what we proposed. We wouldn't mind seeing some James in the next Adele video, don't you think? Shake things up a bit? Or how about a cameo on her next album? Maybe? The video was posted to social media by Clutch Fans and has thousands of views, likes and tweets on Facebook and Twitter because of course it does. You go, James Harden. 

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