Niall Horan, This Town

Elizabeth Miranda

Niall Horan just surprised fans with a huge gift.

The One Direction crooner unexpectedly dropped his first solo single "This Town" Thursday, and his song has some serious Ed Sheeran vibes. Niall also released an accompanying video on Vevo, which is a black-and-white look at him recording the song at a music studio in Hollywood.

"I'm excited to announce I have signed a record deal with Capitol Records USA and released my first solo song," Niall says in a statement. "Thank you to all the One Direction fans for your love and support as always. I'm looking forward to the next part of this journey together."

"This Town" is a slow-paced breakup song, and it's lyrics will definitely make you shed a tear or two.


One Direction

"You still make me nervous when you walk in the room / Them butterflies they come alive when I'm next to you / Over and over the only truth / Everything comes back to you," he croons. "And I know that it's wrong / That I can't move on / But there's something about you."

So far only Niall and Zayn Malik have released solo music since 1D went on hiatus (although Zayn left well before then), so we're anxiously waiting to hear something from Harry Styles and Liam Payne. Harry, however, has been busy filming Dunkirk, so admittedly it could take awhile for any new music from him (if he chooses to release any). 

However, both Styles and Payne as well as Louis Tomlinson did make time on Thursday to congratulate their pal on his new hit.

Even though all the crooners have moved on from their pop star band, Styles appreciates everything One Direction did for him and the fans, even though their hiatus might be more permanent than we think. "I would never say we'll never do anything again, but it's good for us to be exploring different things. Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again, but it's better if it happens naturally," Harry says in AnOnther Man's Autumn/Winter 2016 issue.

"Like, 'Hey, we all really want to do something again.' If that were to happen it would be amazing. I would never rule that out. It's the most important, greatest thing that's ever happened to me, being in that band."

For now, we'll just have to hold onto "This Town."

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