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James Corden is done talking nostalgia; he's bringing it back.

The Late Late Show host, just like us, misses the brilliance of the '90s and early 2000s music industry. With boy bands like the Backstreet Boys, ''N Sync, O-Town, 98 Degrees and more, those two decades were filled with incredible songs, dance moves, concert swag and more. But since then, boy bands have gone down hill (or disappeared).

No shade to One Direction, but those five guys don't hold a candle to what BSB or 'N Sync did. Truth be told, they don't even dance! And Corden knows it, so he's doing something about it.

"We are bringing back boy bands. I'm talking proper boy bands," Corden declared Tuesday night. "Five guys together: the Cute One, the Funny One, the Nice One, the Other One and the Maverick who refused to play by the rules, all living together in some weird mansion in Orlando."

Not that boy bands really ever went anywhere, but Corden wants to bring back the classic style of the five-member crew. "Now look, I'm aware that boy bands haven't gone away, but now they just stand on stage wearing skinny jeans and Vans sneakers and some of them—some of them—even have the audacity to pick up instruments," he continued. "That is not what I want in a boy band. I want matching outfits. I want synchronized dancing and way-over-budget music videos. That's why, boy bands, we're bringing you back!"

Corden wasted no time kicking off his new mission, immediately introducing the Backstreet Boys who went on to perform "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" on the late-night show.

While BSB's performance was a worthy-enough surprise, it only got better once it came time to sing the lyrics, "Am I sexual?" Instead of Nick Carter singing the popular line, Corden came out onstage in his boy-band appropriate garb and began to perform with the hit boy band. And not only did he sing the rest of the song with the group, he also learned all the choreography to go with it—just like a classic boy band.

Watch the video to see Corden live out his dream of bringing boy bands back!

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