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Welcome to Numbers You Didn't Know You Needed, a series in which E! News channels its inner mathlete. This is where we play the numbers game, and get a little nerdy to bring you a lot of revelations. Have you ever noticed that Leonardo DiCaprio is always on a Citi Bike? Or that Lindsay Lohan is constantly putting her finger in her mouth? Now you will. You may not be staying up nights wondering just how many times Lauren Conrad wore a headband on The Hills, but after our investigation it'll be all you can think about. So come along on this mathematical journey, won't you? Life will never be the same.

Sometimes, we find ourselves at a loss. It's not often that we're frustrated or overwhelmed but hey, we're human.

And today, we were all of the above. That's because we had endeavored, for our latest edition of Numbers You Didn't Know You Needed, to count all the times that Justin Therouxhas worn motorcycle boots. Have you ever noticed his footwear? The guy wears literally nothing else. No matter the day or time of year or occasion or dress code of the event he's attending, you can bet he'll be donning black leather kicks. So much so that it physically wasn't possible to count. (Okay, that's an exaggeration.)

What we decided, then, is that it would actually be far more interesting to find all the times that he has woken up in the morning, looked at his closet full of motorcycle boots, and chosen one of the very few other shoes that he seemingly owns. And the answer is...hardly ever. Prying Justin Theroux away from his motorcycle boots is harder than convincing the Real Housewives not to self-promote.

But really, the answer is 10. 10 measly times. 10 pairs of shoes that weren't leather lace-ups, among over 700 photos that E! owns of Theroux wearing shoes that are leather lace-ups. We present these anomalies to you now.

Since it's not often that Justin forgoes his favorite beat-up lace-ups, it takes a special occasion to pry them out of his cold, dead hands. Like attending this very special gala at the LACMA museum in 2012. If you're wondering, awards shows of all kinds are not special enough occasions to warrant a change of shoes. But it's all-in for LACMA!

 Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

He recycled the same shiny slip-ons (which, we should point out for, are alarmingly close to motorcycle boots in both color and shape) when he and Jen spent the day in Paris. They dined at the swanky Jules Verne restaurant at the base of the Eiffel tower, where we assume they have some sort of shoe rule. It is France. 

Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston, Eiffel Tower


Here he is trying to trick us in New York in 2014. To the novice shoe-spotter these would appear to be boots, but on closer inspection they are actually shiny sneaker-like contraptions with very thick soles. 

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux


Then there was the time that Justin Theroux went on a run in Queens and shot down our suspicion that he also exercised in his motorcycle boots. 

Justin Theroux

Mok / Splash News

Here is where things get really tricky. A few times Justin has left the house in a mood to wear motorcycle boots, but chosen these, which are very similar but also which we know to be the YSL Chelsea boot. They are most definitely for being snapped by paparazzi as you arrive to the airport and not for any type of motor sports at all. As such, we're counting them.

Justin Theroux


Here they are again, on J.T. while he arrives at LAX, officially earning the boots the title of Favorite Flying boot. 

Justin Theroux

MONEY$HOT/ Splash News

And here, en route to dinner in New York, presumably after landing from a flight. 

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

JENY / Splash News

Then there was the occasion, almost exactly two years ago, when Justin wore these very run-of-the-mill dress shoes, in which case we have to assume he was quite uncomfortable.

Justin Theroux

Peter Cepeda/

He also attended the Zoolander 2 in shoes that were very much not motorcycle boots, and very much something out of Zoolander 2.

Justin Theroux, Zoolander 2 NY Premiere

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

And finally, we end with the tenth and most baffling occasion of non-motorcycle-boot-wearing. We present you with, that time Justin Theroux was actually photographed riding a motorcycle...wearing sneakers

Justin Theroux


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