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When a commercial for The Girl on the Train pops up on our televisions, most can identify British star Emily Blunt in the titular role. However, when it comes to her mysterious blond co-star, many find themselves racking their brains for a name.

That name is Haley Bennett, a 28-year-old Ohio native who's about to take Hollywood by storm. 

In the silver screen adaptation of Paula Hawkins' hit psychological novel, Bennett plays the role of Megan Hipwell, a stunning seductress with a seemingly idyllic life idolized by Blunt's character, who spots her during her daily train ride. When Hipwell goes missing and is presumed dead, the character's fate sets the film's mystery into motion. 

When Girl on the Train releases, Hipwell is bound to be on the tip of theatergoers' tongues. But, who is the woman behind the scenes? To start, she's no stranger to Hollywood. Here's a look at five things you need to know about the industry's sure-to-be It Girl. 

Haley Bennett, Chris Pratt, The Magnificent Seven

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1. The Girl on the Train is far from her first project.

If you feel like you recognize Bennet from somewhere, you're probably right. After all, she got her start in Hollywood nearly a decade ago as a pop princess in 2007's Music and Lyrics. Since then, Bennett has appeared opposite Denzel Washington in The Equalizer, was surrounded by the likes of Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke in this year's Magnificent Seven reboot and will star in Warren Beatty's upcoming creation, Rules Don't Apply. 

2. She's a triple threat. 

When Bennett took the mic in Music and Lyrics, she belted it out for real. A singer and dancer in addition to an actress, the star was even reportedly signed to a label and performed a concert in 2008. 

3. She's had little formal acting training. 

Despite a string of cinematic hits coming her way, the young star never went to school for this. "It is so funny because I was always embarrassed because I never had formal training in acting," the Ohio native revealed to Vanity Fair. "I basically grew up in the backwoods." Eventually, the star enrolled at an acting studio where she found a coach and honed her craft for a couple of months. 


4. She is a sweet treat queen. 

Behind the scenes, Bennett is quite the baking connoisseur—and puts her culinary talent to use outside of the kitchen. As the Los Angeles Times reported, Bennett brought a freshly baked apple pie to her final screen test for The Magnificent Seven because she thought her character would do the same"I'm just a good host," she told the newspaper. 

5. Performing once reduced her to hives. 

In her high school days, Bennett's nerves would cause a physical reaction. "I was so terrified before an audience that I would break out in these ugly red hives, and my lips would quiver at the sight of a word or a song," she told Interview

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