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Last night's debate has already left quite a legacy. 

It was the first time that a woman has ever participated in this presidential election tradition. It was the first time that America has been truly concerned about Lester Holt's whereabouts. But, most importantly, the spirit of the first presidential debate of 2016 will leave a lasting impression on the Internet.

For truly, the Internet won last night, whether it was its haste to make compilation videos of Trump sneezing Lester Holt being shushed or rushing to action the second a GIF-able moment appeared. And boy, were there GIF-able moments. The most memorable of all was what we're dubbing the Woo-Okay-Shimmy.

Hillary Shimmy GIF

Courtesy Twitter

This magic in GIF form really needs no background or explanation (again, we thank you, Internet), but we'll provide a bit anyway. The moment came during the middle of the debate, after a long message from Trump to Hillary, in which he said, among other things, the phrase "I also have a much better temperament than she does."

When it was Hillary's turn to rebut, she launched with an exuberant "Woo! Okay," followed by the aforementioned shoulder shimmy. In reality she could have been performing that dance to buy herself some time in which to collect her thoughts and single in on a retort, but it came off like she was, well, ready to freaking party. It was a welcome reprieve from the otherwise tense evening, and more importantly it has given us an inspiring GIF to call upon in times of need. 

That's because this shimmy is perfect for every situation in life.

Hillary Shimmy GIF

Courtesy Twitter

1. When you need some extra motivation to get out of bed and start your day.

2. When you look in the mirror and see that you woke up with perfect hair.

3. When you get to work late on bagel day but your favorite flavor is still left in the kitchen.

4. When you just need to dance. 

5. When you're a Grandma, but a cool Grandma. 

6. When there's a bug on your shoulder. 

7. When someone says that Barb is their favorite character on Stranger Things.

8. When you're about to start a Team Jen versus Team Angie debate with someone. 

9. When someone brings up Deflategate.

10. When it's time to ask for a raise at work.

11. If you ever hear the words "Ross and Rachel were on a break."

12. If someone asks you who Rory's best boyfriend was on Gilmore Girls.

13. When the Starbucks barista asks you how to spell your name.

14. Anytime someone cuts you off in a Trader Joe's parking lot.

15. Anytime you pull into a Trader Joe's parking lot and a spot surreptitiously opens at the exact same time.


16. When you work at E! and someone asks you to explain the Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian receipts feud.

17. When someone asks you why you didn't like the remake of Fantastic Four

18. Anytime one of your relatives says anything, ever.

19. Whenever you sit down to watch your recorded episodes of the Real Housewives reunions.

20. Whenever Beyoncécomes on.

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