What did you think when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton pecked on the lips last night? Well, there shouldn't be a lot to think about considering it didn't actually happen.

However, that didn't stop one woman from offering her thoughts on the faux smooch anyway. As is tradition on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late-night host commemorated the first two-candidate presidential debate Monday night with a brand new edition of Lie Witness News.

For newcomers to the show, Jimmy Kimmel typically sends his team out to conduct man-on-the-street interviews with unsuspecting men and women. Typically, the interviewer asks for a reaction to something that hasn't even happened yet.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Such was the case again this time when a handful of strangers were questioned about the political showdown—though, at the time of the taping, the debate wasn't actually scheduled to take place for many more hours. "Did that stop them from weighing in?" Kimmel said in front of his audience. "Oh, no it did not."

The liars were quizzed on a handful of made-up topics, including a fake pull-up challenge, a made-up "liar, liar, pantsuit on fire" taunt and, of course, the peck on the lips that never actually happened. 

"It showed that there is peace between the two parties, but it kind of was fake," the unidentified woman ironically said. "Kind of like the entire debate?" the interviewer quipped back, though the lady didn't quite catch on.  

Despite lying right through their teeth, most of the interviewees offered rather full answers. When asked about how Trump performed, one man said he "made his points clearly, honestly and showed more leadership than I expected." Honestly, eh? 

"Is honesty important to you and your son?" the interviewer asked. "Yes, the both of us," the dad replied. Then the camera panned to his young child. "Do you have an honest dad," the interviewer asked. 

"Yeah!" the little guy said confidently. It sounds like it's time to reevaluate some family values.  

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