Jennifer Aniston has been in countless movies, so picking your favorite one may be a bit difficult.

However, we decided to put hubby Justin Theroux up to the task when we caught up with him at The Girl on the Train junket earlier today, and when he gave us his answer, we found ourselves a bit surprised.

"Oh God, what's my favorite Jen movie?," Theroux repeated while thinking of his answer. "I think Cake," he responded, "not just because it was her most recent one. I loved her in Good Girl, and her comedies are fabulous. Loved her in Wanderlust...She's always so present and good."

While Jen's performance in Cake was undeniable, many would have probably assumed Wanderlust would have been Theroux's first choice since that's where they met and fell in love and all that jazz. But just like anyone else, Theroux couldn't pick just one flick.

Speaking of working together, we had to wonder if these two lovebirds were ever going to reunite on the big screen again. "I mean we would love to, of course. You know, it's that thing of I have been working for the last three years on the TV show which has prevented me from working on anything else," Theroux tells us.

"And it has to be the right thing and something the both of us want to do, you know. We'll see."

Meanwhile, Aniston has been anxiously awaiting for her beau's latest film (as are the rest of us), even though Theroux plays a total creep in the film.

"She knew [I was playing a creep], yeah she had actually already read the book so she was like, 'What? This is happening? What?' But yeah, she was excited. We saw the film together a couple of months ago actually, just an early cut," Theroux tells us, adding that Jen "loved" the film.

And when it comes to the film making him question his own personal relationships and possible shadiness going on behind closed doors, Theroux tells E! News, "Yeah, all these characters have these dark sides in the movie, you know there's definitely no saints in this film, some less saintly than others. But it is a fiction. It's a mountain of several very horrible events coming together."

But that doesn't mean he's going home to try and snoop on Jen's stuff. "I don't know my wife's passcodes," he reveals to us before joking, "I think I should learn them."

The Girl on the Train hits theaters Oct. 7.

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