7th Heaven Mom Is Down for a Reunion (If the Dad Is Dead)

Catherine Hicks has a very particular requirement to consider reviving the long-running WB drama

By Billy Nilles Sep 26, 2016 6:57 PMTags
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If the Camdens ever make their return to TV in this reboot-obsessed day and age, star Catherine Hicks would expect it to happen with one very key character six feet under.

The actress, who starred as matriarch Annie Camden for 11 seasons on 7th Heaven, has admitted that she'd be down to revive the series—so long as Stephen Collins' Rev. Eric was dead. "I don't know," she told TMZ when asked if she was game to follow in Girl Meets World and Fuller House's footsteps. "We'd have to open with Stephen's coffin."

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Explaining that she still keeps in touch with the cast, she added, "We'd all love to be together." So, whats her pitch to kick off her fantasy reboot? 

"Maybe 8th Heaven with a new boyfriend for Annie," she joked. 

The last time a majority of the cast were together in public was when Jessica Biel celebrated the soft launch of her restaurant Au Fudge in West Hollywood, Calif. back in February of this year. Fellow former Camden kid Lucy Mitchell documented the reunion on her Instagram, sharing a photo of herself with Biel, Hicks, Barry Watson, and Mackenzie Rosman.

Hicks' suggestion of offing Eric is likely a response to Collins' admission in 2014 that he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with three underage girls in his past.

7th Heaven premiered on the WB in 1996, was one of the few shows to make the leap to the CW when the new network launched in 2006. It was canceled after one season on the network. The series also starred David Gallagher, twins Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino, and, of course, Happy as "Happy the Dog."

Would you be down for a 7th Heaven revival if Eric was killed off? Let us know in the comments below.