Season three of How to Get Away With Murder is focusing on the important things: school. Believe it or not, the Keating 5 have somehow managed to make it to their second year of law school, and we'll even see them—gasp!—going to class!

"With everything that's happened, the normality of going back to law school and doing assignments trying to dedicate yourself to a career after everything they've been through…that's an interesting tension," star Alfred Enoch explains to E! News.

Wes will find himself attempting to live the life of a normal 2L, which means throwing himself into school and maybe even finding himself a normal girlfriend. "Everyone's looking for their happy ending, but he's committed to that," Enoch tells us. "He's trying to be a law student! It feels like we haven't had so much of that with everything else that was going on."

How to Get Away With Murder, HTGAWM


Of course, that might not work out the way Wes planned—and it's certainly going to be hard for everyone to release themselves from the power Annalise holds over them. That will be true for Laurel, especially, now that Annalise trusts her more now and has given her much more responsibility.

"I have a personal, intimate bond with Annalise, I have one with Bonnie, I have one with Frank, and I have one with Wes," star Karla Souza says. While we know a lot about Laurel's dynamic with the K5, we'll learn more about her personal life this season. "We're also going to go and find out more about her father and who her father is. "

Laurel has slowly come out of her shell over the past two seasons, and now we get to find out where her inner strength comes from. "From the outside it she seems timid and all these things, but she's actually very tough. She's the leader, I guess, without it looking like that," Souza reveals.

Now, as for the big mystery of the season, brace yourself: It's going to be just as huge and scary as the past two—in fact, judging from the hashtag Souza proposes, it might be even more terrifying.

Are you ready? Here's what you'll be wondering after the episode: #whosinthegurney.

Told you! Find out exactly what that means—and how the Keating 5 will manage to actually go to school—in the season three premiere of HTGAWM tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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