Kate Winslet Gets "Revenge" on Childhood Bullies

Oscar winner opened up on Today about her new movie, The Dressmaker

By McKenna Aiello Sep 22, 2016 3:59 PMTags

Believe it or not, Kate Winslet drew inspiration from her own life when preparing to star in The Dressmaker

The Oscar winner's latest film to hit theaters follow Winslet as a high fashion seamstress who returns to her native Australia to care for her ailing mother, all while seeking revenge on those who wronged Winslet's character in the past. 

Kate opened up about her connection to the role in a recent Today show interview, where she explained to Billy Bush how she's gotten her own revenge on childhood bullies by becoming one of Hollywood's most coveted actresses. "I was kind of bullied when I was younger, actually at school," she explained. "For being chubby, you know, I had girls who were envious of me because I was acting a little bit as a teenager."

She continued, "This is my revenge. This right here, this lovely career I have been blessed with. I have healthy children. You know, I have a really happy life and, to me, it's like, 'Well, look at me now girls!'"

Kate Winslet Gets Emotional Over Leonardo
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Yet another aspect of Winslet's professional life her bullies might be jealous of? Nabbing Liam Hemsworth as a co-star, of course! 

The hunky actor stars as Kate's love interest in the upcoming romantic dramedy, and their 14-year age difference has not gone unnoticed by moviegoers. Speaking out on the topic, Winslet revealed to Today, "Because I'm not a Google person, I didn't even know how old Liam is. I mean I know he's not 30, which probably explains why my teenage daughter was so envious of me."

And as director Jocelyn Moorhouse revealed to E! News' Marc Malkin, the onscreen duo got along just fine. 

"We didn't have much time to rehearse," Moorhouse told us. "He'd come straight off of The Hunger Games. We had one read-through the night before and then as soon as I saw him looking at her with those beautiful blue eyes of his and the way she looks back at him, I was thrilled. I knew, yeah, instant chemistry! These two are gorgeous together."

Check out E! News' exclusive look at a new selection of stills and behind-the-scenes photos from the movie here, and catch The Dressmaker when it hits theaters on Sept. 23. 

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