Survivor, Season 33


Survivor has pitted members of two frequently sparring generations against each other for its landmark 33rd season—Millenials and Gen Xers are facing off in the Vanua and Talaki tribes—but they had to come together in the premiere when everyone from the cast was evacuated from Fiji due to a dangerous cyclone that was heading straight toward the camps on just the second day of competition.

Obviously evacuating the teams is the last resort, so before the tribes had to leave their camps, host Jeff Probst and the producers sent each of them a tarp.

"This is an unusually powerful storm and it's going to last a bit longer. I know you haven't had enough time to build a shelter, so as a gesture of goodwill I'm offering this tarp as protection until you can build your own. When the weather clears, bring it back to me," read the tree mail note.

Some of the smarter contestants could tell that the tarp meant something horrible, and sure enough, Probst himself paid a visit to both camps just a few hours later.

"The storm is getting worse so we sent the tarp over this morning; thought maybe that would help you guys weather it, but in the last few hours it's been upgraded again. It is now a cyclone and the prediction is tonight it's going to be much harder than last week. So, for the first time in 33 seasons of Survivor, we are going to evacuate," he told the Vanua tribe.

Naturally, production still got artsy shots of the Millenials evacuating, but the Gen Xers didn't have enough time for those before nature took its course.

The next morning, both tribes returned to destruction—and a large tree had fallen on the shelter wehre the Talaki tribe had intended to sleep.

"That was definitely a saving grace that Jeff made that decision to do that," praised one of the evacuees.

Watch the scary moment above! Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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