Was the New York Post's Jennifer Aniston Cover Funny or Too Far?

We can take a joke, but not this joke.

By Seija Rankin Sep 21, 2016 8:38 PMTags

Guys, we have a bone to pick today.

This morning, the new edition of The New York Post hit stands, and news of the cover spread all across the Internet. As you've probably seen in one of the thousands of Twitter reactions, it features a giddy Jennifer Aniston along with the headline "Brangelina 2004-2016." We shouldn't need to spell it out for you, but just in case you haven't had enough coffee...it's meant to imply that it's Jen who gets the last laugh in all this. 

And is it funny? Sure! We're not going to get all uppity so quickly. We have a sense of humor. Did you see how much fun we had with all those memes yesterday?

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There's certainly nothing wrong with having a little fun over this whole thing. After all, nobody can deny that there's a little bit of karma at work here. Having Brad leave her for Angelina was undoubtedly one of the most difficult situations that Jen has ever had to live through. And now, to see that marriage go up in flames for all to see...well, we truly think that Rachel Green said it best. 

We have to admit that as soon as we saw the email come through that Angelina had filed for divorce, our first thought was how shocked we were that this happened out of nowhere—but our second thought was immediately what is Jennifer Aniston thinking right now? As solid #TeamJen members and lifelong fans of Aniston's, we were a tad gleeful imagining her sitting back, sharing a margarita with Courteney Cox, and toasting to just how well things have come full circle. 

And this New York Post is the perfect embodiment of that gleeful feeling. But it's also 1) total click bait and 2) actually doing a disservice to Jennifer Aniston.

That's because true #TeamJen members would take their championing of her even further than the belief that she's off somewhere cackling about the good fortune of seeing her ex-husband's life so publicly up in smoke. We'd like to think we know Aniston pretty well (we have been following her career for decades now), and she's anything but petty. Just think of all the yoga she does, for one! She has inner peace.

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But in all seriousness, let's focus on the fact that Jennifer Aniston has about one million things to thing about besides what a guy she was married to 12 years ago is up to. Being "over" Brad Pitt doesn't even begin to explain it, because we're willing to bet she hasn't even thought about him in ages. 

She has a busy career, amazing friends, and a happy marriage of her own right now. Would any of us stop to give a moment's thought to, say, the guy we dated in high school if we saw on Facebook that he was getting a divorce? (Okay, so maybe we would give it a single moment—but nothing more!). It's almost offensive to assume that Jen is so petty as to wish ill will on somebody else's family, and especially a family with six children.

If we're going to guess, she's probably feeling as shocked and saddened as everybody else, no more, no less. If she is laughing today, she's laughing at the New York Post for actually believing that she gives that much of a crap. In between sips of margarita, of course.

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