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Fans of Stranger Things cannot get enough of their show theories. From Eleven secretly being Hopper's daughter to the many reasons behind why Barb had to die, there are enough unanswered questions to ponder until season two starts. If you're not still wondering why Jonathan and Nancy didn't end up together, or worried that Eleven might actually be the monster, you've probably had time to contemplate the Parks and Rec x Stranger Things theory.

In case you missed it, there's some speculation that Joe Keery, who plays hunky a-hole Steve on ST, is actually the father of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on Parks and Rec. The theory is seriously compelling, and their matching poofy hair is a dead giveaway that the two shows are connected. I mean, right? Apparently, some even think that Jean-Ralphio is named after Jonathan, and, of course, Nancy is JR's mom. Is your head spinning yet? Kinda? Same.

Dad and son meet because the Internet. @uncle_jezzy @strangerthingstv #strangertwins

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In amazing news, Keery and Ben Schwartz recently met up IRL, and the crowd went wild. Schwartz posted a video to Instagram of the two of them, dressed in matching outfits, with the caption, "Dad and son meet because the Internet." They both posted another pic of them shaving with Joe writing, "My son," while his other half wrote, "Did a lot of growing up today with @uncle_jezzy." Has this theory officially been confirmed?! They look similar, their characters are both slightly obnoxious, and that whole Indiana thing? It's too much.

Whether or not you're down with these theories, you must admit these photos are amazing. Fans seem to think so too, with one commenting, "OMG THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD HAIR IN ONE PIC!!!" Amen. Other joyful reactions include, "NO WAY," "OH MY GOD," and of course, "HOLY CRAP." I mean, yeah. That's pretty much how we feel too. 

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