Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni just broke down in tears while talking to Rob Kardashian!

On Sunday's Rob & Chyna, the couple traveled to Washington, D.C. to visit Chyna's mom and to celebrate the Fourth of July. While they were in town, Tokyo Toni had a talk with Chyna and Rob about their relationship.

When the subject of marriage and their baby came up, Chyna told her mom that Rob, "Needs to work on a few things for me, for us."

Tokyo Toni then told Rob he has to "stop" doing what he's doing, explaining, "You're dealing with my only child, she didn't have a father around. She don't need a baby with no father, do you understand me?"

She continued, "You can't do what you're doing, you're gonna ruin it."

Take a look at the recap to find out what else was said during Chyna and Rob's conversation with Tokyo Toni and to see more shocking moments from this episode of Rob & Chyna!

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1. Rob Jokingly Calls Kris Jenner a "F--king Liar":

"I think we should do something with you me and Corey," Rob says while hanging out with Scott Disick. "You me and Corey try and see who can piss my mom off the fastest."

Scott tells Rob, "Yeah you'd probably win right off the bat."

Speaking of bats, Rob then calls Kris Jenner to ask her why she dropped off a bat to his house.

"I just thought if anybody was to come into your room you could hit them over the f--king head with the bat," Kris explains. "I'm just trying to like beef you up baby, make you safe."

She then tells Rob, "OK gotta go now, I'm in a meeting over at Kylie Cosmetics."

"Oh, so you're better than us?" Rob asks.

"Yeah I kind of am," Kris replies.

Rob then tells Kris to send a message to Kylie Jenner.

"Well tell Kylie, f--k her," Rob jokes.

"OK I'll do that," Kris says. "Alright Rob I love you, I'll talk to you later."

"No you don't you f--king liar," Rob tells her and then hangs up.

Rob and Scott both laugh and Scott says, "Classic."

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2. Rob Opens Up About His Diabetes Diagnosis:

While on the way to Khloe Kardashian's birthday party, Rob tells Chyna he's not feeling well.

"Not gonna lie something's been going on with my…I really now am starting to feel like I'm getting the symptoms I got when I went in the hospital," Rob says. "I'm not even trying to be dramatic. That was like the worst thing of my life, literally."

Rob then explains, "I have diabetes and last year I just completely stopped taking all my insulin, which obviously was a bad idea. Then fast-forward to December, around Christmastime, I had to go to the ICU. I can't even put it in words how bad I was feeling."

Chyna tells Rob, "That s--t is scary. If you want to we can go to the hospital tonight."

"I'm gonna try and go tomorrow," Rob tells Chyna.

Chyna then says, "Obviously with Rob not feeling well, I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on him. But honestly I think that it's more his nerves, this is the first time he's been to any family event."

Rob then admits to Chyna that he's "kinda nervous" about attending the party.

3. Chyna's Parents Reunite After 10 Years:

Rob and Chyna travel to Washington, D.C. to visit Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni for the Fourth of July. While the couple is there, they decide to have dinner with Tokyo Toni, Chyna's dad Eric Sr. and three of his kids.

Take a look at this clip to see what happens when Chyna's parents reunite after 10 years!

4. Chyna Takes Rob to the Strip Club Where She Used to Dance:

While in Washington, D.C., Chyna takes Rob to the strip club Sensationals where she used to dance.

"I'm proud of where I came from and I just wanted to show Rob what I had to go through and the environment that I had to be in to make me this person," Chyna explains.

After experiencing the strip club Rob says, "Sensationals is pretty crazy but one thing I love about Chyna is that she's just comfortable in her own skin, she owns her past and I mean I really wish that I could just like live life the way that she does."

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5. Rob Realizes "Not Everyone Is Judging Me":

After spending time out in public with Chyna, Rob starts to realize that it's him being hard on himself, not everyone else.

"I definitely felt comfortable last night," Rob says. "I feel like just throwing myself into these uncomfortable situations is what I gotta do in order to be happy and get past everything. I'm realizing that not everyone is judging me and I'm just hard on myself."

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6. Tokyo Toni Has a Talk With Rob & Chyna:

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Tokyo Toni throws a party with Chyna's family and friends to make it extra special for her and Rob.

At the party, Chyna's mom asks the couple when they're going to get married and Chyna says they are "playing everything by ear."

"After you have your baby you're gonna wanna get married," Rob says to Chyna.

"Woah," Tokyo Toni says. "Your baby or our baby?"

"She said it was her baby," Rob replies.

Chyna then explains, "He needs to work on a few things for me, for us. He's been burned in all his past relationships, so it's hard for him to trust me."

Tokyo Toni then turns to Rob and says, "You gotta stop what you're doing, OK? Let me explain what type of person Chyna is. She's a strong woman, I didn't have anything to give her, I started from the bottom as a young girl, 16, 16 with no help trying to figure it out with a little baby. Y'all don't have those type of problems, the problems y'all have can be solved. But you're dealing with my only child, she didn't have a father around. She don't need a baby with no father, do you understand me?"

"Yeah I do," Rob replies.

"You can't do what you're doing, you're gonna ruin it," she tells Rob.

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