Ellen DeGeneres is all about girl power.

"We have fun a lot of fun here every single day," she said on her eponymous daytime talk show Tuesday. "There's dancing. There's a lot of love and positivity. It's like Burning Man for people who shower. People ask me, 'Ellen, how do you keep the show fresh after all these years?' And there are two things that I do. One: I try to never repeat myself. Two: I try to never repeat myself. I like to change things up all the time. I can't come out here every single day and throw a mint up in the air and catch it because people want me to be 'entertaining' and 'talk,' you know? It's not easy to do something by yourself. It's so much more fun to do things with somebody else. There's one thing I can think of right now...and then I just thought of another."

That's when it dawned on DeGeneres: "I could have a co-host, and not just any co-host," she told the audience. "I could have a co-host who's my friend, she's a princess, she sells washer and dryers on the side. Please welcome my co-host for the day: Kristen Bell, everybody!" The Good Place actress said she was "so thrilled" to be co-hosting DeGeneres' show. "I talk all the time and no one is usually listening," the TV star explained, "so I'm excited to be here and talk."

Kristen Bell, Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

A littler later on, the pair decided to spice up their lives. "Last week the Spice Girls announced they're doing a big reunion tour, but Posh (Victoria Beckham) and Sporty (Mel C) are not going to be a part of it," DeGeneres said. "They're holding auditions for two spots in the group." And who should fill those spots? "Kristen and I are the perfect choice," she said. "Obviously."

Indeed. According to Bell, "It's a no-brainer!"

In their audition video, the two borrowed style inspiration from all five members and sang the girl group's No. 1 hit "Wannabe." DeGeneres adopted a new name (Basil Space), as did Bell (Fresh Garlic Spice). "We're the perfect choice for the new Spice Girls," DeGeneres said, since she knows "a lot of spices: smoked paprika, rosemary, thyme, chili peppers, nutmeg, oregano."

After singing their hearts out, Bell said, "We're gonna get this!"

DeGeneres agreed, saying, "I think so."

Scary (Mel B), Baby (Emma Bunton) and Ginger (Geri Halliwell) have yet to weigh in.

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