Hillary Clinton Reveals the Winners of Her POPular Vote

Democratic nominee for president shares everything she's loving right now, from her preferred workout to her guilty pleasure snack in this E! News exclusive Q&A

By Natalie Finn Sep 20, 2016 3:00 PMTags
POPular Vote, Hillary ClintonGetty Images; E! Illustration
Watch: Hillary Clinton Reveals the Winners of Her POPular Vote

We're starting to suspect that this "running for president of the United States" business is pretty grueling.

So consider us pretty darn psyched that Hillary Clinton took some time out of her nearly 24/7 campaign schedule to reveal the winners of her POPular Vote for E! News.

From the TV shows, books and workout she's loving right now to her indulgence of choice and the members of her celebrity squad, the 2016 Democratic nominee for the presidency has her favorites, just like anybody else.

Only, you know, hers might factor into an inaugural ball or movie night at the White House one day.

Check out what—and who—ranks with Hillary Clinton:

Epic Throwbacks: Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and More Politicians
CBS; E! Illustration

No pressure, Téa Leoni.

And perhaps Clinton would like to check out our ultimate guide to the best HGTV has to offer!

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We had a feeling Katy Perry, who headlined Clinton's first major rally in Iowa all the way back in October 2015 and has been a stalwart supporter for years, would make the cut—as would America Ferrera, Demi Lovato and Tony Goldwyn, all of whom spoke at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

(Oh, and we fact-checked with our moms and, yes, 1950s/60s-era teen idol Fabian is a legit choice.)

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Well, we're sold on her favorite indulgence policy.

Instagram, E! Illustration

Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for sharing your favorites with us!

Meanwhile, the ask is out to Donald Trump, so as soon as the Republican presidential nominee reveals the winners of his POPular Vote to us, we will be happy to share them with you!

Voting day is coming up and if you haven't yet registered to vote—or if you aren't sure if you're registered—go to www.vote.org to make sure that your voice is heard come Tuesday, Nov. 8.