Wendy Williams Says Taylor Swift Is "Just Not That Interesting," Plus More of Her Candid Thoughts on Celeb Breakups

Star dishes to E! News on what fans can expect from season 8 of her talk show

By McKenna Aiello Sep 16, 2016 7:40 PMTags
Watch: Wendy Williams Sounds Off on Recent Celebrity Breakups

Don't get it twisted: The eighth season of The Wendy Williams Show will be just as candid as ever. 

Wendy Williams recently gave E! News a taste of what fans can expect ahead of the Sept. 19 premiere, and from the looks of it, no "Hot Topic" is off limits this time around. She'll be sounding off on the good, the bad and the ugly of celeb relationships, teasing us with a sneak peek into the couples she can't wait to weigh in on. 

Audiences will hear the latest on Mary J. Blige and Martin "Kendu" Isaacs' divorce, and as for Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are-they, aren't-they status, Wendy says, "Although they've broken up before, so we don't know whether to believe that or not." 

One former duo she's reluctant to chat about? "I'm going to talk about Tom [Hiddleston] and Taylor, but Taylor Swift is just not that interesting to me." Ouch. 

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Williams has never been shy when it comes to getting all too real about the songstress. Last year, she called Swift the "Queen of Mean," explaining, "Here's the thing, she's trying to trick us into thinking she's a good woman because she bakes and cooks and it's actually working right now on Instagram."

But Wendy isn't all about throwing shade. She told us she's itching to know what really went down behind closed doors when Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney called it quits earlier this summer.

"I am sad about Lady Gaga, because her music is great and the meat dress and all that stuff, but who I really like is Stephanie. Stephanie: the girl from New York who loves her mother and father. She was with Taylor Kinney for five years and they got engaged. That beautiful heart ring, and now they're over. What had happened?" Williams mused. 

Don't miss the start of season 8 of The Wendy Williams show Sept. 18, and catch her new HSN shoe line out Sept. 23.