Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry!

We can see that here, but you won't find that five-letter word anywhere in Louis Tomlinson's Instagram comments. "Larry," in case you somehow didn't know, is the nickname used to ship Louis and Harry Styles as a couple (which they're most definitely not—the only place Larry is real is in fan fiction). Louis apparently got tired of being inundated with Larry comments, so he blocked the word from showing up using Instagram's new anti-troll tool.

Now, if you leave a comment on one of louist91's pics containing the word Larry, it won't actually post on his feed. You can still see your own Larry comment, but no one else can. You also can't see what anyone else who wrote Larry into their comment tried to post. When it comes to Louis' feed, consider it a curse word!

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson

George Pimentel/WireImage

It didn't take long for Larry fans to catch on to what Louis had done, and it wasn't about to stop them from shipping their favorite imaginary couple. If you scroll through Louis' feed now, you'll see thousands (literally, thousands) of "Larries" (the self-proclaimed name for Larry shippers) getting clever with their spelling so that their Larrrrry sentiment is still conveyed.

"LARRRRYYYY ISSS REEAAAL," wrote one Instagram user. Others spelled out "L A R R Y" with spaces, while others changed it up and went with "Houis." As of Friday afternoon, there were over 122,000 comments on Louis' most recent photo, and a good portion of them were "Larry" with varying numbers of vowels and consonants.

Other fans, though, are trying to get the #RespectLouis movement to catch on. "Stop it now!" commented one fan. "He blocked that with a reason. Show Louis that you're here to support him and not to annoy him! Grow up! It's not okay! Stop annoying my baby!"

As for Harry, the other half of the fictitious fan-made duo? He hasn't banned Larry from his Instagram comments. Naturally, Larry shippers are having a heyday with this and flooding his page with Larry this and Larry that. 

Being chill is overrated.

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