The world can't get enough of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

The buzzed-about couple, who are currently expecting their first child together, recently gave fans a glimpse into their everyday life during the premiere of their new E! show Rob & Chyna, and their relationship is quite the roller coaster. So during Live from E! today, our very own Ken Baker decided to give matriarch Kris Jenner a call to hear her thoughts on the show and see how Rob and Blac are doing these days.

"It's wild. it's been very exciting to see Rob on this journey. It really has," she says. "You know, he was in a place where he wasn't feeling good about himself, and he didn't really wanna get out and about, so this has really been life-changing for him, and obviously, as his mama, it's been…I'm just happy he's engaged in life again."

Viewers also got a firsthand look at how Rob's physical changes have taken a toll on him emotionally, and Kris explains why his weight gain has made him so isolated.

"Any time you get down on yourself, it's always a process to get back on top of it. And Rob has always been so athletic, he was the star track guy in high school and a basketball player, and he was the runner up after 20-whatever weeks on Dancing With the Stars, and dancing live in front of 40 million people or whatever it was," she says.

"He's been such an amazing athlete and in such great shape and very athletic his whole life, so this is not in his comfort zone. This isn't something he's experienced, so it's hard. It's hard for him to get the weight off like it is for any of us, so he's definitely been challenged by this. He'll work through it. I really have faith in him. He's just gotta put his mind to it."

But his relationship with Blac, and the anticipation of their baby girl's arrival, has really helped put Rob in a better place.

"I think he's in a relationship and he's feeling loved and he's expecting a baby and he's got this new family unit that he's a part of now, and I think every single thing that's happened to him over the last year has been very significant in helping him overcome some of his challenges and adversities he's gone through lately. But I think he's in such a good place. I actually took him out to dinner last night, we all went to dinner to celebrate, and just thank God that he's in such a great place," Kris tells us.

As for how he and Blac Chyna are doing as a couple? "They were [in a better place] last night! You never know with those two. They were in a good place last night and talking about the baby and stuff like that, it was great."

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