WAGS Recap: Nicole Williams' ''Crazy'' Behavior in Thailand Makes Larry English Think Twice About Proposing

Things get tricky for the couple during the ladies' trip to Thailand

By Gabi Duncan Sep 19, 2016 3:00 AMTags
WAGS 211E!

There's nothing like a little rest and relaxation…with a side of crazy.

The ladies were finally off to Thailand for a relaxing and luxurious vacation on tonight's all-new WAGS, and obviously they made sure to save extra room in their designer suitcases for the drama.

Larry English was all set to surprise longtime girlfriend Nicole Williams with a marriage proposal during the trip. The plan was laid out. The ring was chosen. And, the flight was booked. All good? Well, not quite. When Detective Williams couldn't get a hold of him for an extended period of time (because he was on a plane), she started her own investigation into the matter—and it didn't end well!

Meanwhile, Tia Shipman faced off with Sasha Gates after learning the unflattering nickname she's been calling her behind her back!

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Olivia Pierson's Scary Moment With an Elephant

Fresh Meat

Sophia Pierson was thrust back into the dating game while out at a party to celebrate the launch of Nicole's Hale Bob campaign. From across the room, the blonde caught the eye of handsome L.A. Galaxy forward Denzel Slager, and the two immediately hit it off once they started chatting. "He's an athlete. I'm already sold right there," Sophia said, adding, "I have not found one person that I've connected with since my breakup, so this is actually really exciting for me. I think I'm ready to get back in the game!" Go girlfriend!


Put a Ring on It

Nicole still wasn't used to living apart from Larry, but she was determined to make the best of it even though she really missed him. "I don't know if it's going to get any easier," she said. "I can't help but think about Larry and I and our relationship. I don't want to run from it. Hopefully when I get back [from Thailand] we can talk and figure things out."

But unbeknownst to her, Larry was busy firming up his proposal plans and making the final decision on her Ritani engagement ring. But he was still struggling with how to keep the secret from her. "She definitely is real excited and wants to be married," Larry told the jewelers. "This has been a big topic that's kind of come up a few times in conversation. We might have to hurry up and get this thing done and picked out before Sherlock Holmes comes through the door!"

WAGS Stars' Hottest Pics

Bamboo vs. Baboon

As soon as the ladies arrived in Thailand, they started gushing about all the activities they wanted to do—and seeing the animals was at the top of the list. "I can definitely hug a monkey," Autumn Ajirotutu said. That prompted Natalie Halcro to wonder what the monkey with the "big, red bum" is called.

"Bamboo," Olivia Pierson replied. "That's a bamboo, right?" LOL! Autumn and Natalie weren't quite sure that was correct. They each had to repeat it few times until they eventually figured out it was actually a baboon! Whew!

Watch: Sasha and Tia Fight at the Dinner Table

Fight Night

The ladies hadn't even settled into the hotel for one night before a fight broke out. Their first dinner became extremely awkward when Sasha suggested Tia's nickname should be "Peggy" because she likes to peg. Tia was offended and snapped at her. "So, then you call me Peggy behind me back?" she asked. "I don't call you names behind your back."

Instead of apologizing for hurting Tia's feelings, Sasha dismissed her and said, "It's not that serious." The conflict quickly escalated when they both started exchanging nasty insults across the table as the other girls watched in discomfort. "It just got real catty," Barbie Blank said. "We started with pegging, and now we're talking about weaves and hairlines. I don't know how we got here!"

Watch: Nicole Williams Tries to Hunt Down Her BF

Epic Fail

Meanwhile, it was impossible for Nicole to relax and enjoy her time in Thailand because she couldn't get a hold of Larry, who was actually on a 13-hour flight to see her. She was even more freaked out and anxious because he told her he was going to Las Vegas, which Olivia and Natalie thought was a rookie mistake. "It's an epic fail," Natalie said. "You needed a much stronger alibi than Vegas."

Nicole definitely wasn't going to give up on reaching him without exhausting all her options. When she couldn't contact Larry directly, she called multiple hotels up and down the Vegas strip to find him, but that didn't yield any results. So, she called his friends! "I have not heard from Larry in two days," she explained. "I'm two seconds away from crazy right now."

Nicole eventually figured out Larry was lying after his best friend confessed he wasn't in Sin City at all. "Why he's lying to me, I have no idea," she said. "Are you at a club in Vegas partying it up? Are you cheating? What's going on? Where the f--k are you?!" She added, "I want to know where you are. So, if crazy is what I am then crazy is what I am. I'll take that at this point."

Hot Guys of the NFL

Sparks Fly

Back in the States, it was time for Sophia's first date with her new suitor, Denzel. "I just feel like it's been so long that I met somebody that I actually connected with," she said. "I just want to see where this goes." Sophia and Denzel sparked a connection and even sealed the evening with a hot smooch! "We are definitely vibing right now," Sophia said. "He's so gorgeous. I just love the butterfly beginning stages. It was a really good date. I can't complain."


Thailand Twist

Nicole was finally able to get in touch with Larry when he landed, but he was not happy. After seeing all her missed messages and hearing about the phone calls to his friends, he was ready to pack up and get right on the next flight back to L.A. Nicole was shocked because she had no idea that he was coming, and she became emotional over the whole situation. "I felt like my heart got sick," she said. "I'm a mess. I'm absolutely devastated." Unfortunately, the girls didn't know what to do or say because they still didn't want to spoil the engagement secret.

Later, Olivia and Natalie realized just how upset Larry was with Nicole's behavior when they went to visit him at his hotel. "With her doing that, how in the world am I supposed to be like, 'Oh, I just want you to marry me?' She done messed her own surprise up," he told them. "She took all the fun out of this. I'm not doing it no more. I'm going back home." Oh, s--t!