Denzel Washington, Golden Globe Awards

Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Image

Denzel Washington is full of wisdom.

The two-time Oscar winner became the subject of a viral Internet meme after the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight more than a year ago, and somehow the meme, dubbed "Uncle Denzel," is still gaining traction. But when Global Grind's BlogXilla asked Denzel how he feels about the image that refuses to go away, The Magnificent Seven star responded in a way that only Denzel can (and you'll absolutely rethink every life choice you've ever made).

"If I had my wallet, I'd show it to you," the Training Day star answered when asked about it. 

"They didn't know what I was doing. They don't need to know. Those who can, do, those who can't talk about those who can. I'm gonna say it again. Send that out. Those who can, do, those who can't talk about those who can. Now can you, or can you not? Are you just one that sits on the sidelines and talks about other people or can you step up?"

BRB while we all go and contemplate whether we can or can't. 

While we're lucky to have Denzel share this piece of wisdom, co-star Chris Pratt got to enjoy it nearly every day while filming their Western remake. "This is the kind of thing you dream of as an actor," Pratt told E! News' Marc Malkin. "We're rising horses, smoking cigars, shooting guns and wearing period clothing. It's hot and sweaty. I'm working opposite Denzel Washington. It's a blast."

Sounds like the set was the best place to be!

The Magnificent Seven is in theaters on Sept. 23.

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