Ellen DeGeneres Wreaks Havoc on First Lady Michelle Obama's Trip to CVS

The daytime talk show host and first lady visited a local store where hilarity ensued

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 14, 2016 12:39 PMTags

Note to self: never take Ellen DeGeneres on a shopping trip unless you're ready to cause a spectacle.

First Lady Michelle Obama could have used a warning when she walked into a local CVS with the comedian by her side. With just a few months left in the White House, Obama used the visit to ease back into the usual errand routine—except nothing about the visit was typical. 

First stop: grabbing a cart and coupons. "There's coupons because you know you're going to need these probably. It's been a while," Ellen instructed. "You push the basket because no one is going to push it for you."

DeGeneres was full of nifty lessons, including what CVS really stands for. "CVS stands for cotton, Vaseline and stuff," she quipped, but the First Lady wasn't fooled. 

After testing out the CoinStar machine, Michelle headed to the electronics aisle to pick up a pair of headphones for her younger daughter, Sasha Obama. In the process, Ellen managed to get her hands on a backscratcher and began scratching one of the store's employees. "Can you chill out on the itching," Obama begged. "This is not how you behave!"

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To make matters more interesting, DeGeneres spotted boxed wine for sale. The First Lady was no expert on Franzia, so they requested the assistance of a customer to figure out how to open it and serve. The moment turned into an opportunity for an autograph as the daytime talk show host and Obama both signed the box for the helpful customer and proceeded to gush over a baby—that is, until Ellen tried to sign the infant's forehead and sing it to sleep on a megaphone. 

DeGeneres put that megaphone to embarrassing use, announcing to the store that Obama needed cream for a rash. On her shoulder? "Lower than that," Ellen quipped. 

Finally, they made it to a self checkout station, but the tomfoolery didn't end there. First, Ellen asked to get everything for free. However, the First Lady knew that wouldn't fly. "We can't take bribes. I work for the government," she reminded. 

While Obama bagged all of her purchases, DeGeneres unwrapped a snack, made herself comfortable and asked Michelle to put her face on money. "You would've had to have done something grand like Harriet Tubman," Obama answered. "You should have freed some slaves."

Before the First Lady could get the bags back in the cart, the comedian hopped in and got cozy. Michelle gave in, wheeling the full cart—with Ellen in it—out of the store. 

"It's like taking a three year old to the store," Obama joked. "I'm gonna be back. 2017—I'm coming alone."