Kate Winslet


Now that Kate Winslet and Tina Fey have got enough trophies to start their own chessboard, how much longer till these two unlikely goss magnets become the tabloid set's latest conquests?

After the Globes, there were paparazzi pics posted of Winslet walkin' around and Fey standing in line at the airport like they were Heidi and Spencer or somethin'. This is def new territory for babes who were never in the spotlight that way; wonder if they're beginning to regret it?

Now that Britney's simmered down, the world needs new personal lives to invade, dammit! Should Kate and Tina be worried that skeletons in their closet could be unleashed at any moment?

We have Second City sources who are quite familiar with Fey when Sarah Palin was just a twinkle in our eye shooting wolves in nondesigner clothing. Our Chicago comedy insider swears when it comes to T.F., there's never been any scandal to speak of.

The babe's always been boring, "never a big drinker." 

How so? 

The Tina chum once convinced the comedienne to get drunk with him right before a performance, despite her protests that she "never drinks before a show." Babe did it, just that once—didn't take much, either, since the gal's a lightweight—and that's about as outrageous as it ever got. Fey even hooked up with her current hubby, Jeff Richmond, before her reign at SNL—while she looked about 30 pounds heavier, complete with a horrible cropped haircut.

No divorces, no backstabbing, nada. You mean she got famous on her talent alone? Guess Tina can rest easy.

As for Katie, she's never been one to shack up willy-nilly—no canoodling with DiCaprio on the set of Titanic, sorry to say.

In fact, K.W. missed the big boat's premiere 'cause she was too busy attending her then-BF's funeral, who died of bone cancer.

Sheesh, depressing much? She's pretty much stayed outta the goss mags by marrying men behind the scenes—directors Jim Threapleton and Oscar winner Sam Mendes. Could there be some naughty bits Winslet's kept in hiding? 'Course there are. Just watch out, hon; what happened to Anne Hathaway's private life could happen to yours. Hope ya did a background check on Sammy!

With additional reporting by Becky Bain

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