Burke Ramsey Explains Why He Still Finds JonBenét Ramsey's Funeral "Traumatizing"

Family member is giving his first media interview with Dr. Phil McGraw

By Mike Vulpo Sep 12, 2016 8:35 PMTags

They say time heals everything, but Burke Ramsey is still trying to process parts of JonBenét Ramsey's death.

As the 20-year anniversary of JonBenét's passing approaches, her brother is speaking out and giving his first media interview on The Dr. Phil Show. When the talk-show host questions Burke about the day his family member was laid to rest, some heartbreaking details immediately emerge.

 "Yah, I remember the viewing. I remember the casket was small and her eyes were closed," he shared with Dr. Phil. "I think one of her eyes was a little droopy or something. I thought that was weird."

When asked how it felt to see her in that condition, Burke admits it wasn't the best experience.

"That was weird," he shared. "That was traumatizing a little bit."

Burke Ramsey Recalls the Night JonBenet Ramsey Was Murdered: "I Know People Think I Did It"
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The now 29-year-old continued, "It was a lot of sadness. I don't think I fully grasped like after this, I won't see her again. I remember my parents being really upset. I can remember my dad leaning down and giving her a kiss."

The three-part season premiere airing today, Tuesday and September 19 promises to cover a wide range of topics including the fact that his parents are still seen as suspects in the public eye.

Burke himself also understands that some who followed the case still think of him as a person of interest. Ultimately, he hopes people will remember his sister in a positive light.

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"I know people think I did it; that my parents did it. I know that we were suspects," he explained. "I want to honor her memory by doing this interview. I don't want anyone to forget."

The interview comes as CBS, Investigation Discovery, A&E and Lifetime will be airing specials surrounding the murder of the then six-year-old. And while interest in the unsolved case remains high, CBS recently announced that their docu-series will be cut from six hours to four hours over a two day period.

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