Steve Harvey Meets His "Better Looking" Doppelgänger on Family Feud

Game show host is visibly taken aback when he comes face to face with contestant named Olden who could practically be his twin!

By Rebecca Macatee Sep 12, 2016 7:38 PMTags

Steve Harvey finally met his match—and even he couldn't believe the resemblance!

The Family Feud host was visibly taken aback by how much a contestant named Olden looked like him—mustache and all!

"I love what I do, but every single day of my life, people will come up to me and call me Steve Harvey," Olden, a full-time pastor, told his famous doppelgänger. "And I don't even have your money!"

Olden joked he "should get compensated or something" for twinning with Steve.

Stars With Mustaches

"I'll tell you something, 'Steve,' it ain't a bad deal," the Family Feud host said. But he did find one problem with his lookalike...

"I hate to say this," the real Steve said to Olden, "but I'm an honest guy: You're actually a little better looking than I am! That's kind of hurting me a little bit."

Nonsense, Steve: You and Olden are both handsome, mustachioed men!