Miss Arkansas, come get your new—and upgraded—crown.

Out of 52 contestants, Savvy Shields was the lucky beauty pageant contestant to be crowned Miss America Sunday night in New Jersey.

Whether dancing to "They Just Keep Moving the Line" from the NBC musical series Smash or answering a surprise political question regarding presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the blond beauty received the most amount of votes and was crowned the winner.

So what should you know about a woman who loves to jazz dance and has a platform titled "Eat Better, Live Better?"

We did a bit of investigating and found out more than a few fun facts. Here's just a preview: This sorority sister may be a proud Beyhive member.

Miss America 2017, Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields

ABC/Ida Mae Astute

1. Beyoncé Admirer: Before showing off her talents to the judges including Gabby Douglas, Mark Cuban and Ciara, Savvy admitted that she loves a certain pop superstar. "I want to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé," she confessed. "I feel like that's every dancer's secret dream is to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé especially with her new tour." Safe to say someone likes the sounds of Lemonade

2. Positive Thinking
: Perhaps what got Savvy so far into the beauty pageant world is her mindset. During tonight's show, fans got a glimpse into how she celebrates victories and good fortunes that come her way. "That would be the best day of my life in the future," she said when asked about winning Miss America. "I want to always feel like the best day of my life is going to keep happening. I don't want to think that I've hit it. I want to keep expecting and knowing that better things are going to happen in my life." Perhaps the best is yet to come.

3. Sorority Sister: The 21-year-old is currently a student at the University of Arkansas where she is majoring in art with a minor in business. When not studying for classes, you can likely find her hanging out with her girlfriends at her sorority house. And yes, like any true sisterhood, these ladies have been more than supportive. "The biggest thank you in the world to everyone who came by Kappa tonight. I am so humbled by all of the kindness I have received this past month and am so excited to represent you all at the Miss America pageant," she shared from her Kappa Kappa Gamma house. "So much love and so much virtual hugs."

4. Charity Work: While the hair, makeup and dresses are nice, what could be most important for contestants like Savvy are the charitable aspects to her title. Whether volunteering for Reading Is Fundamental or Children's Miracle Networks Hospitals, this woman has the philanthropic spirit. "Posting again because the CMN Miracle Mile walk was too good to not share more!!" she wrote during a recent event. "So thankful I got to meet this champion today- Luke, you're the man."

Miss America 2017, Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields

ABC/Ida Mae Astute

5. Healthy Life: One look at Savvy's Instagram and you'll get a better sense of her "Eat Better, Live Better" platform. Whether breaking a sweat in the gym with her friends or cooking up a tasty meal, the student makes health and wellness a priority even with a demanding schedule. So what's her favorite foods to make? "All time favorite dinner. Brussel sprouts and salmon for the win," she once revealed. "Season them with pepper and paprika and you're good to go!" You can find more of her tips on Facebook and on her #HealthyTipTuesdays.

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