The strangest thing about Stranger Things is not the terrifying monster or the talking lights, but the way this show has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. 

Nobody knows that better than the show's young cast, who have suddenly found themselves with hundreds of thousands of fans, both on social media and in real life. Stars Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Millie Bobby Brown sat down with E! News' Will Marfuggi to talk about how their lives have changed since the Netflix show became a hit. 

"I knew when this was a big thing when I opened my eyes and looked out the door of my house, and it was just...Stranger Things," Matarazzo says in the video above. "It was just everywhere. Like we'd just walk around and people would be talking about it." 

"I was at a Starbucks, and they didn't even ask my name," Brown says. "I was like, oh by the way, my name's Millie, and they were like, 'oh, we know.'" 

Fans also like to give the cast presents, mostly consisting of waffles of varying degrees of frozen-ness. Click play above to hear more!

Another measure of the Stranger Things cast's fame? Celebrity fans! 

The kids have received praise from people like Aaron Paul and Zac Efron (among many, many others) and got to appear on The Tonight Show for a Stranger Things spoof and hang out with Jimmy Fallon, which Matarazzo, Brown, and McLaughlin can't stop gushing about. 

But of course the best part of the job is hearing from all the people who love it, whether they're celebrities or not. 

"I do like hearing it from people that may be busy with stuff that they're doing, like their movies and TV shows, and they take the time to not only watch the show, but to reach out to us," Matarazzo says. "It just warms my heart." 

"When someone genuinely comes up to you and says you're amazing, it makes me feel good," McLaughlin agrees. 

Press play above, and prepare to be totally charmed. 

Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix, and has officially been renewed for a season two, but no release date has been announced. 

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