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Wanting to lay the rumors to rest, Wisin's wife, Yomaira Ortiz, spoke exclusively to Telemundo Puerto Rico's Dando Candela

The mother of three wanted to give an official update on their newborn daughter Victoria's condition and explained that she was five months pregnant when doctors informed them that their daughter had the genetic disorder of trisomy 13. She says that her doctors then recommend the option of terminating the pregnancy, but they didn't see that as an option. The show says that because of their strong Christian faith, they decided to lean on God and continue with the pregnancy. 

The genetic disorder includes a combination of birth defects, this includes severe intellectual disability, as well as health problems involving nearly every organ system in the body, according to Stanford Children's Health

Victoria was born several days ago and remains in the hospital's intensive care unit, but only because she was born underweight, and she is in stable condition. Yomaira said that the newborn is now breathing on her own, which the family feels is a blessing since doctors told them that Victoria would have pulmonary issues. 

The musician's wife, who goes every day to the hospital to be at their child's side, says that they have an enormous amount of faith in God and know that he has a purpose for Victoria. 

The family says that they love and have welcomed Victoria into their family regardless of anything that might happen. 

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According to Telemundo Puerto Rico, Yomaira released a statement saying, "Victoria has fulfilled every single one of her purposes since the day that we found out about her. We give thanks to God for our decision to have her without caring what would happen, because we know that God knows what is best." 

She also sent a message to those mothers who are or will experience her same situation, "Even if doctors recommend that you terminate your pregnancy, because the doctors will try to convince you, this isn't the route that God wants," she said. "We are no one to decide over the life of another human, even if it is our child. Always know that God has a perfect plan, even if at the moment we can't seem to understand it."

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