Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Look Back at Their 18 Day Bachelor in Paradise Love Story

Exclusive! "We drank a lot of wine," Carly Waddell says of watching the season back.

By Lauren Piester Sep 07, 2016 11:00 PMTags
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We do not envy having been Evan Bass over the past few weeks. 

While he and Carly Waddell eventually found their love for each other on Bachelor in Paradise and ended up engaged, there were a few episodes there were Carly wasn't so kind to the erectile dysfunction specialist. 

At various points during the season, Carly went on about how their first kiss was the worst kiss in the world, and claimed that Evan was giving her erectile dysfunction. They went on to fall madly in love, but there was still the matter of Evan seeing what Carly had privately said to the cameras once the show aired. 

"See, I have this problem just in life in general when I think things are funny that really aren't that funny, and they're like borderline mean," she tells E! News' Carissa Culiner in the video above. "I say whatever I feel whenever I feel it, and I think sometimes it's like, Carly, maybe sometimes you should think about your words before they come out of your mouth." 

"I mean it definitely wasn't fun to watch," Evan says. "It was kind of like, oh that sucks. But she's freakin' hysterical when she says stuff like that." 

Carly revealed that she warned Evan about nearly everything she remembered saying during the show, so he wasn't blindsided by any of her remarks. 

"We drank a lot of wine during those episodes." 

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It was really their date in a sweat lodge that changed everything for Carly and Evan. 

"We really connected on a different level, like more spiritually than anything for the first time, and from that point forward, it was deep. We'd just sit around talking about deep stuff all day," Evan explains.

"People would often ask, what are you guys talking about? You just talk, all day long? And I'm like yeah, like about the things we're supposed to be talking about," Carly adds. "We're having the conversations you're supposed to have, while you're all off making out on the palapas and getting drunk." 

As for how it's possible to fall in love during only 18 days in paradise, Evan and Carly have an answer!

"You're just hanging out on the beach all day and night," Evan says. "There's no distractions, there's no cellphones, there's no TV, nothing. It's just interaction." 

"Think about when you start dating someone and you go on a few dates a week, and they're a few hours, and that lasts for months and months and months," says Carly. "I was with him 24 hours a day, and all the conversations that you ahve progressively throughout those dating months, we were having in a day, so I feel like you get to know someone so much better because of that." 

Click play on the video above to hear Carly reflect on her last Paradise relationship, the one that went horribly wrong...