Bachelor in Paradise's Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Sound Off on That Finale and What's Next

Exclusive! Are these two Paradise's most perfect couple of weirdos?

By Lauren Piester Sep 07, 2016 2:02 AMTags
Watch: Carly Waddell "Shocked" by Evan Bass' Proposal

Congratulations to two crazy kids!

Carly Waddell said yes to Evan Bass during tonight's Bachelor in Paradise finale, and while it was cute as could be, it's really just the beginning for this couple. 

The two self-identifying weirdos sat down with E! News' Carissa Culiner to talk all about their brand new engagement and what's next for them, now that the world has seen the end of their time in Paradise. To be honest, we kind of think this couple's going to make it. 

"You would think that I would go out there knowing, but it shocked me, honestly," Carly tells us of the proposal, during which Evan asked "Will you freakin' marry me?" 

Even though it's been a few months since the finale was actually filmed, Carly and Evan still haven't started wedding planning. 


"We haven't set a date," Evan explains. "We're going to live some real life and see how it goes. We're sort of anti-pressure, really. We're just not going to put a lot of pressure on our relationship. We're just going to move forward and have fun, and when the time is right to get married, we'll do it." 

Carly reveals that Jade Roper and Juelia Kinney would definitely be in attendance, along with a surprise officiant. 

"In Paradise, I told Nick that he could officiate the wedding," Evan reveals. 

"The other day, on Facetime, he was like, by the way I'm still officiating," Carly adds. "I was like, all right Nick. That's on you, buddy." 

As for whether the wedding would be televised, that remains to be seen. 

"We're looking forward to not being on TV for a while," Evan says. 

"We'll think about that when we think about that," Carly agrees. 

Will Evan Bass Propose to Carly on "Bachelor in Paradise"?
Watch: What's Next for Carly Waddell and Evan Bass?

As for what's next, the couple is working on moving in together...whether Evan wants to or not. 

"She has slowly taken over my condo," Evan tells us. 

"I've like slowly progressively moved in with him, with him knowing but sort of without him knowing," Carly explains. 

"There's curling irons..." 

"And my puppy!" Carly adds. 

Carly has recently been posting pictures on Instagram of her new dog, who apparently caused problems between her and Evan. 

"Actually, when we went to pick [the dog] up, he wouldn't talk to me for like an hour. It was the biggest fight we've ever had," Carly says. 

Carly has also met Evan's three sons, and the couple plans to have more of their own.

"They know that I can't cook, and they still accept me," Carly says of the kids.

"They just adore her," says Evan.  

And we adore this couple, and wish them the best. Stay tuned for more of their exclusive interview with E! News!