Chris Brown's attorney Mark Geragos held a press conference Friday in L.A., using it as an opportunity to address some of the "urban myths, so to speak, that aren't quite accurate" surrounding events earlier this week as well as the ongoing investigation. Geragos also provided an update on Brown, telling E! News exclusively, "Chris is doing as best as can be expected under the circumstances."

At the press conference, Geragos told reporters he wanted to "debunk" reports that Brown was in a "standoff" with the Los Angeles Police Department on Wednesday. According to Geragos, he was told that the LAPD did not have a search warrant and Brown should wait for one to be issued and his attorney to arrive before coming outside.

According to Geragos, who arrived before the search warrant was executed, it was reported to him after the search that the LAPD did not find any guns or drugs in the home.

Geragos went on to say that Nia Guzman's attorney stating that her and Brown's daughter Royalty was present in the house during this time "is categorically false" and the 2-year-old "was not there the entire time that I was there."

"Chris was completely cooperative at all times with the officers," Geragos said, adding that estimated six other individuals in Brown's home "voluntarily went outside and talked to LAPD." Although Geragos was not present for these interviews, he said to the best of his understanding, it was reported back to him "that none of them supported the story that was told [by Brown's accuser, Baylee Curran]."

"The story that was conveyed to me by witnesses there is that nothing happened, that this woman got irate when she was asked to leave because she was acting in an erratic manner and specifically was told, that you have to leave," he said. "That's why that we're exploring the text and, whether or not that text is real...."

When asked to clarify which text he was referring to, Geragos said, "The text was to the extent that--there were two [that have been reported but not confirmed]. One that, 'The MF-er is going to go down,' and a second one claiming that he's gonna go down, that [the text would read] 'I would say he tried to shoot me.'"

Brown's attorney said his team is also investigating a report that Curran has a relationship with Guzman, Royalty's mother. Curran's rep had no comment, and Guzman's attorney was not immediately available when E! News reached out for comment.

—Reporting by Roxana Salcedo & Holly Passalaqua

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