Kaia Gerber is becoming a powerhouse!

Cindy Crawford's daughter is already making a name for herself in the modeling industry, but now it seems Kaia is dipping her toes into the acting pool. Appearing in Lifetime's Sister Cities, Kaia is ready to follow in her mom's footsteps in more than one way, and she opened up to E! News' Zuri Hall about her newfound passion at the premiere Wednesday.

"I was more nervous than I usually am, but I think it was just such a warm cast and everyone on set was super nice that they just madee it super easy and amazing," said Kaia.

Of course, it always helps to have your family on hand to support you during a big moment! Kaia's mom, dad and brother all attended her premiere, which made the rising star feel extra special.

"It's crazy! Usually I'm the one supporting them," she joked, adding, "So it's amazing to have them all here. They took the time to come and do this and we live pretty far."

Kaia Gerber

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Because Kaia's mom also has some acting experience under her belt, she knew she could turn to the iconic supermodel for some tips. Although Crawford didn't teach her how to act, Kaia dished that her mom was helpful in other aspects. "She told me more about being on time, being professional," Kaia added, "but I think it just comes down to your own instincts."

And it didn't hurt to have an "amazing acting coach" to show her the ropes!

But is Kaia ready to trade in her modeling career for acting full-time? Not so fast. "I'm focusing a lot on modeling right now...but I'm not closing any doors to anything," she dished.

As for whose advice she seeks when it comes to modeling, she turns to her mom and celebrity pals Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

"I've been lucky enough to hang out with [Kendall and Gigi} and see just how nice they are and how unaffected they are," she explained. "It's just shown me how you can still have this crazy amount of fame but be nice and not lose that humility."

Sister Cities premieres on Saturday, Sept. 17 on Lifetime.

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