Pitch Perfect Co-Stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin Are Married

Couple got engaged in early 2016

By Rebecca Macatee Sep 11, 2016 1:42 AMTags

Talk about an acca-awesome wedding!

Pitch Perfect co-stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are married, E! News can confirm. The twosome got engaged in early 2016 after having met on the set of Pitch Perfect. Funnily enough, their characters didn't have any scenes together, but that didn't stop them from forming a meaningful connection while on set.

"We were friends first and just hit it off," said Anna in an interview with Glamour. "He's just so great, and he's a Libra too. We didn't really have a scene together, but he's just such a fun guy. He's great."

There's clearly a connection between these two, but Anna had to get over her initial reservations over starting something new.

From Co-Stars to Couples

"He was dating somebody, and I had been through [a divorce] and he was like, "Do you want to go on a date?'" she recalled to Glamour. "I remember thinking, Well, he's younger than me. He's five years younger. He's 26, and I'm 31. But I was like, 'You know what? OK! Let's do it, let's see.' He's literally my best friend."

And the feeling s mutual. Skylar gushed about his then-bride-to-be in an interview with PopSugar, saying, "I really do fall in love with her more every day."

"I admire so much about you" said Anna, "but I really admire his thoughtfulness and his attention to detail. I feel like he is one of the first people I've ever met, and been with, that has really heard me and seen me and listened. And that's incredibly important."

Indeed, it is. All our best wishes to the newlyweds!

People was first to report Anna and Skylar were married.

—Reporting by Sara Kitnick