The season three premiere of one of the best shows on television, You're the Worst, was once again the most perfect blend of the humor, fear, friendship and even sadness that go into a relationship. It showed us that while one half of our beloved Worsties, Jimmy and Gretchen, are flourishing now that she's getting help to combat her depression, their besties, Edgar and Lindsay, are still struggling.

But aside from the beautiful, heartbreaking hilarity the episode contained, it also introduced an incredibly important debate we never even knew we needed to have. It all centered around one important fact Jimmy learned about his girlfriend: she doesn't wash her legs in the shower.

"You don't wash your legs," asks Jimmy incredulously. "You take showers and you don't wash your legs?!"

Gretchen responds: "No way, what am I? A sucker? … What am I going to do, like, bend down and wash my legs? Who has the time?"

After watching the episode, it was the only thing the E! TV Scoop team could talk about—and we remain divided on the issue.

You're the Worst season 3


Half of us side with Gretchen: the soapy water runs down your legs! You don't need to wash your legs every time!

"I never really thought of it until watching this episode," confessed Chris Harnick. "And then I realized I'm probably a 70-30 in terms of washing my legs, with the majority of the time I'm not specifically washing them. Gretchen's right, the soapy water goes down them! Does she wash her back? Anyway, now thanks to You're the Worst my shower habits have been changed forever (or until I forget) and I'll be more conscious of my (possibly) dirty legs."

Let it be known that I, Jean Bentley, stand on this side of the debate. Sure, I exfoliate my legs on a regular basis (and I shave them, too, which by definition involves slathering them with soap), but it's not something I do every time I'm in the shower.

You're the Worst season 3


Billy Nilles and Lauren Piester were horrified with us both—and Gretchen too.

"Yes, I wash my legs when in the shower because I am not an animal and my mother raised me right," Billy said. "The soapy water may run down, but it's also taking with it all the sweat and dirt I've washed away from my top half. So, everything gets a quick, soapy scrub from my head on down. And before you ask, yes, I wash my feet, too. Thanks, [creator] Stephen Falk, for making me look at some of my co-workers in a whole new (dirty) light."

Said Lauren, "I was both my legs and my feet every single time I shower. It's partly because I want them to be clean and I like to exfoliate, but it's also because it never occurred to me not to wash my legs. Why would I not wash a part of my body that's been nearly all of the same places as the rest of my body? Gravity can't scrub! This makes no sense! I'm with Jimmy on this one."

You're the Worst season 3


Our debate soon spilled out into the E! News staff at large, with an equal number of them divided on either side of the issue. "I don't particularly wash my legs in the shower. I never really paid attention or noticed that I didn't, but I wash my whole body with soap in the shower and always skip my legs," one coworker said. "I just realized that now that you pointed it out." Added another, "I don't wash my legs separately, but if I'm shaving then soap is CLEARLY going on that part of my body. My legs aren't dirty, everyone else is clearly dirty."

But on the other hand, "if you don't wash your legs, that's for sure a deal breaker. I've never heard of such a thing," said another staffer. Added another, "Yes, regardless of whether I'm shaving my legs or not, I wash my legs along with the rest of my body with my hot pink loofah and body wash."

It's amazing how equally divided everyone—coworkers and friends included—have been on this issue. But there's one thing we can all agree on: it's something we never even thought about before, and will now obsess over every time we step in the shower.

You're the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX.

Please vote in our very important poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below letting us know why you're Team Jimmy or Team Gretchen in this debate.

Do you wash your legs?
Do you wash your legs?!
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