Kylie Jenner has long been the go-to sister when it comes to all things fashion, and for good reason: The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is always ahead of the trend, whatever it may be!

Most recently, Kylie led the charge on "butt cleavage"—a booty-baring craze coined by Cosmopolitan. By slashing her jeans on the lower portion of each cheek, Kylie produced what the mag describes as "like underboob but underbutt."

Now is everyone flashing butt cleavage à la Kylizzle? No, not yet, at least, but the 19-year-old style icon often leads the charge on things like this. Give it a few weeks, and there's a good chance you'll be seeing more of this booty-baring fashion on Instagram and maybe even IRL.

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Kylie was ahead of the latest luscious lip craze, too. Of course, a perfectly plump pout has long been a coveted feature, but when Kylie shared that she was a big fan of lining her lips to make them look fuller, a new wave of ladies tried it out, too. She even inadvertently inspired The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge (don't try it). She didn't tell anyone to mess with their lips in the first place, but by focusing in on her own mouth, she unknowingly inspired a movement.

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Fortunately, Kylie released a safe alternative for emulating her perfect pout: The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. Sure, they sell out almost instantaneously, but the cosmetic kits come in a variety of colors intended to complement a variety of different lip shapes and skin tones.

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Kylie certainly wasn't the first person to have fun with different hair colors and extensions, but she definitely led the way amongst her sisters. Whatever color locks she rocks, Kylie has fun with it. She has her own line of extensions, natch, and Kim Kardashian has been known to borrow Kylie's "wig guy" every now and then, too!

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Kourtney Kardashian's followed in her youngest sister's footsteps on a few things, too. Most recently, Kourt's picked up Kylie's snake love! After posing with a snake on Instagram, the mom of three told fans via Snapchat she has "a snake thing going on lately lol." We love 'em, too, but Kylie's been speaking Parseltongue—or at least hanging tight with boas and what not—for years now! 

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She was also an early adapter of Snapchat...

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And rocking live lokai bracelets long before the rest of us.

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Did we we mention her and Kendall Jenner's mobile game was one of the earlier ones on the market, too? It was (and is completely addictive), but we're not surprised...

Like we said, Kylie's a trusted source when it comes to all things cool.

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