WAGS Recap: Olivia Pierson Calls It Quits on Her Relationship While Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates Meet the L.A. Rams' Wives

Olivia finally gave her man the boot on tonight's dramatic episode!

By Gabi Duncan Sep 05, 2016 3:00 AMTags
WAGS 209E!

Shady, shady, shady…

Olivia Pierson was finally forced to call it quits on her relationship with Marcedes Lewis when he struck out—after a multitude of chances—on tonight's episode of WAGS.

First, there was his (probably) innocent flirtation with Tia Shipman. But that was followed up with the suspicious photo with her sister, Sophia Pierson. Then, he bailed on being her date to Barbie Blank's wedding at the last minute, but still found time to exchange secret text messages and phone calls with Sophia. Yikes!

This time around, he really put the icing on the questionable-boyfriend cake by showing up to a party in L.A. when he was supposed to be training for preseason in Florida!

All in all, you probably won't be missed too much, bud.

But before we dive deeper into that drama, let's recap all the other happenings in the WAG world!

Olivia Pierson Finds a Condom in the Trash

The episode kicked off with the surprising and super-random development of Olivia discovering a mysterious used condom in her trash can! And since she was adamant it wasn't hers, there were so many questions that immediately needed answers. Whose was it? Who were they having sex with? And why was it in the kitchen?

Sophia and Natalie Halcro both denied having anything to do with the condom, so in the end they could only narrow it down to two suspects: a horny ghost or the building manager. Naturally.


Meanwhile, Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates met up for a relaxing day at the spa that involved a 24-carat gold facial!

"I'm definitely not one to keep up on my treatments, I'm really not," Autumn explained. "I'm black. We don't crack. My mom gave me some good genes over here!" Nevertheless, when you're a WAG, it's never a big deal to drop a couple hundred on a luxurious face mask.


Later, Nicole Williams followed through on her decision to move out of the house she shared with boyfriend, Larry English. She started looking for apartments with Natalie's help, but she became frustrated when she couldn't find anything she loved.

"I'm having second thoughts," she admitted. That's when Natalie offered to let Nicole crash with her until she figured out what to do next. Roomies!

Celebrity WAGS

Despite her business partnership with Natalie, Olivia went behind her back and booked a solo photo shoot with Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. When Nicole stopped by to offer some modeling tricks, she was shocked to learn Natalie had been kept in the dark.

"It's not a big deal as long as you let her know," Nicole said. "You know how Natalie is. She's going to be all upset about that." On the other hand, Olivia wasn't too worried about it becoming a problem.


After Autumn reunited with her good friend, Michelle Quick, whose husband plays for the newly relocated L.A. Rams, she invited her and her fellow Rams' wives out to brunch with Sasha. The ladies immediately bonded over their shared experiences with short-term girlfriends in the league.

"We're always having to pretend that we don't see the new girl," Michelle said. Autumn agreed, saying, "I don't know if you're going to be here tomorrow or an hour or 15 minutes!"

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Autumn later invited the Rams' wives out to meet Nicole, Natalie, Olivia, Sophia and Tia. Everyone was getting along and the night was flowing smoothly—until Michelle and Sophia butted heads. It began when Sophia said wasn't ready to have children because she wanted to focus on her acting and modeling career. "Things change a little when you have a child," Michelle replied. "Your priorities change. It's not about you anymore." Then, she asked Sophia, "What is a regular day for you like?"

Sophia took offense and snapped back, "I don't know. That's kind of a weird question. What do you do all day?" Michelle responded that she was a housewife, but she was visibly taken aback by Sophia's reaction. "She said she had a job, so why did you react that way?" Michelle wondered. "It was kind of so childish to me and that's why I don't really gel with single girls. They will say things without caring. It's about them and what they're trying to do and they will just cut where they can."

Sophia Pierson's Loud Voice Rubs Autumn the Wrong Way

Meanwhile, Tia got personal and revealed she was celibate—which totally baffled Nicole. "As far as I know, she had a boyfriend," Nicole said. "Are you celibate or are you having a little bit too much to drink?" LOL!


Like Nicole predicted, Natalie eventually found out about Olivia's hush-hush photo shoot on Instagram—which proves once and for all that you can't keep secrets when social media is involved. She was understandably upset, so she invited her cousin out to lunch to confront her.

"Why would you ever do that?" Natalie asked. "We clearly stipulated to each other we're doing things together! We're in this together or not at all." Olivia ultimately apologized and admitted she messed up the situation by not being honest.

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And finally, even though Olivia had been feeling down about Marcedes being back in Jacksonville, Fla. with his team, she was still determined to have a fun night with her girls at the celebrity-fueled La Nuit Black Carpet party at Sofitel hotel. However, the night took an unexpected turn when Barbie spotted Marcedes from across the room!

Olivia was confused to see him in the same venue, let alone the same state. "What the hell is going on?" she wondered. "You're in the same city as me and you don't even pick up the phone. You have your phone attached to you. You don't think to shoot me a text, like 'Hey, I'm in L.A.?' You better be surprising me right now because this is not OK."

With Natalie's support, she marched over to confront him for his shadiness and the dumbfounded look on his face was proof he had not expected to see her. "I don't understand why you didn't tell me you were coming here," she told him. "It just looks really weird to me." Olivia dragged him outside so they could talk privately, but all his excuses ended up falling flat—so she pulled the plug.