Are One Tree Hill, Supernatural and Smallville Safe?

Get a sneak peek of the future of your fave CW shows

By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 15, 2009 12:15 AMTags
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What are the chances your CW faves will survive for another season?

The official verdict won't come down until the upfronts in May, when the networks unveil their new fall schedules, but CW president Dawn Ostroff and One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush are offering up a little early information.

Will the OTH cast sign on for another year? Will Clark Kent continue on for one more season in Smallville? And will Supernatural survive to hunt demons another day or could the Winchester boys go down before their time?

We've got the info and the odds...


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Star Sophia Bush told me at the Bertolli-sponsored Access Hollywood Golden Globes Gift Lounge, "We don't know [if we'll be back for another season]. The network keeps saying it's up to the cast, but no one has offered us another season, so we'll see. There are a lot of variables that would have to work out properly for people, but as long as there are good stories to tell, I think we're up to continuing to tell them. We're having a great time. We have such great guest stars on our show right now—Austin Nichols is one of my dearest friends. We actually went on, like, four dates after I split up from you know who, years and years ago, and we've been, like, the best of friends ever since. We're a big family at this point."

Predicted Response to One Tree Hill Cancellation: 8.8 on the fan Richter scale

Chances of Renewal: Even. The fans are always down for more One Tree Hill, but the cast, the writers, the studio and the network have plenty of financial, contractual and creative issues to work out before a new season is a sure thing. The good news for OTH fans is that executive producer Mark Schwahn is no longer attached to the CW's new Melrose Place retread, so until further notice, he is free to focus on your Tree Hill faves!


According to CW president Ostroff, "We're starting to talk about [the possibility of season nine]. Obviously we're prepared either way. If the show doesn't go on, we have a series finale that the writers have been thinking about, but I think we'd all love to see the show come back creatively again. We've got a new team of writers who are running the show, and they've done a great job with the series this year. We've gotten great feedback from the fans. It's interesting because they've used more female characters this year, which I think helped it blend in with the theme of the network, so we'd love to see it back."

Predicted Response to Smallville Cancellation: 7.2 on the fan Richter scale

Chances of Renewal: Good, assuming Tom Welling is up for it—the show continues to have admirable ratings and has creatively thrived despite the exit of Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum.

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According to Ostroff, "We've been creatively really happy with the show. The show's been holding its own. I hope it continues to do well because I'd love to see it back."

Predicted Response to Supernatural Cancellation: 10 on the fan Richter scale

Chances of Renewal: Excellent. By all accounts this is the most compelling season yet. The ratings are rising accordingly, and creator Eric Kripke had always planned a five-season arc. Shutting down SPN now would just be, well, evil.

Which CW series are you most hoping will stick around? Let the CW execs hear you! Holler in the comments below...

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams and Jennifer Godwin