When the topic of baby Chanel comes up, Coco immediately lights up every time.

Whether it's discussing her daughter's fashionable closet or irresistible Instagram page, the proud mom is absolutely in love with her first child.

And while sitting down with E! News exclusively at Chanel's nine-month birthday photo shoot with Jessie Marrero Photography, the first-time parent couldn't help but wonder what life would be like if she started having a family earlier.

"If I had her first, I wouldn't even care about my career honestly. This to me is a career and I wish that I kind of got the grip a little earlier in life," Coco shared with E! News. "I know that it's meant to be because if I would have had [kids] earlier, I may have not had her. I would maybe be in a different position in my life."

Ice-T's leading lady also believes "everything is planned out a certain way" and that God has a plan. But it won't prevent her from asking a few what if's.

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"I feel kind of guilty sometimes. I look at really big families and before I would be like man, that's a lot of kids. I don't even know how they do it, but now I wish I kind of did start earlier so that I would have a big family," she shared. "At the same time, I look at Chanel and I'm just as happy just having one as opposed to 10."

One look at Coco's Instagram and you'll immediately see the love and special bond shared between mother and daughter. From twinning in fashion or watching television together—yes, they love reality TV before bedtime—this duo can't help but stay close at all times.

"Being a mother is the best gift in the world!" the 37-year-old recently shared on Instagram. "The pure joys of motherhood...words just don't express."

And while her and Ice-T's two dogs Spartacus and Maximus were the "first babies" in the house, having a child is a completely new experience.

"When I got Spartacus and Maximus, I'm like oh my god. Instead of being the cat lady, I'm going to turn into like the dog woman and I will want a farm with like 20 different dogs and 20 different bullies. I want that around me," she joked. "Now I feel that way with kids. I want to be that woman!"

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