A 90210 & Melrose Place Romance Reunion

Actor Grant Show says he'd consider coming back to as Jake Hanson, but Jennie Garth must be involved

By Marc Malkin Jan 14, 2009 8:52 PMTags
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Grant Show would be up for making a return to the CW's new 90210 or its upcoming Melrose Place as hunky biker babe Jake Hanson.

However, Show tells us he’s got a couple of stipulations.

First up, Jake must be able to rekindle his love affair with Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth).

“That would be the only angle that would be really interesting,” Show told us Sunday at the In Style/Warner Bros. Golden Globes afterparty. “They never really explored that in enough depth.”

Jake was the “bad boy” from Hollywood who swept Kelly off her feet on 90210, only to break her younger heart. He then went on to become a regular character on Melrose Place.

Show also wants to look forward to going to work every day. “My whole world is about being fun,” he says. “If it’s fun, I’m there. If it’s not fun, I’m not there.”

We're sure producers can find of plenty of fun things that Jake can do with Kelly, don't ya agree?

—Additional reporting by Dahvi Shira