What Fall Fashion Trends the September Covers Predict

The looks from this month's biggest style magazines are telling

By Samantha Schnurr Aug 30, 2016 4:50 PMTags

With Labor Day looming, it's time to kick open your closet and get it into fall gear because new trends are on their way.

And what you probably didn't know is that highly-coveted September issues are dropping major hints as to what's in store for the autumn months. If there's anything you can trust to forecast the direction of fashion from season-to-season, it's style bibles like Vogue and Elle, particularly in the massive editions they put out this time every year.

Between head-to-toe prints, all over sequins, muted makeup and bombshell cutouts, this month's fashion mag covers are chock-full of inspiration to feast your eyes—and your wallets—on.

So without further ado, below is a handy guide to each cover's distinct trend and how you can translate it into your daily wardrobe. 

Kendall Jenner Covers Vogue's Coveted September Issue

The Magazine: Vogue

The Star: Kendall Jenner

The Look: Modern Marie Antoinette

The Trend: Head-to-Toe Patterns

In exchange for the mix-and-match mantra of yesteryear, this cover demonstrates how to rock the same print from top to bottom for a chic and uniform look.

As an added bonus, don't shy away from mixing statement accessories in with the streamlined ensemble. If you're not as keen on pink bows, opt for a pair of chandelier earrings, a colorful cuff or other standout pieces that will help break up all the matching. 

The Magazine: Elle

The Star: Cara Delevingne

The Look: Disco Diva

The Trend: Sequin Overload 

Instead of saving sequins for one item of clothing, wear them all over. As Delevingne demonstrates, sequins can be worn all-over as long as you play around with cut and color. Make sure the garment has interesting detail and you're all set.

5 Days, 5 Ways: Every Celeb Is Wearing This $2.4K Varsity Jacket

The Magazine: Marie Claire

The Star: Sarah Jessica Parker

The Look: Daytime Glamour

The Trend: Surprise Sequins

Unlike the previous look, SJP's ensemble is a lesson in the sequin accentInstead of going overboard, look for a piece that strategically uses sequins to highlight a part of the body, whether that be the bust, neckline or waist. 

The Magazine: Glamour

The Star: Bella Hadid

The Look: Bare-Faced Beauty

The Trend: Minimal Makeup

In an age of YouTube beauty gurus layering on the contour, highlight, cut crease and fake eyelashes, Hadid's almost-bare face is a testament to the age-old makeup trend: less is more.

Whenever you feel like giving your skin a rest and opting out of your makeup regimen for the day, remember a supermodel did the same thing on the cover of a national magazine—you're such a trendsetter!

The Magazine: Allure

The Star: Jessica Alba

The Look: Delicate and Feminine

The Trend: Understated Everything

On the opposite end of this collection of covers, Alba's highly-subdued look—from makeup to wardrobe—brings us to a corner of fashion where eyes are on the intricate and delicate details rather than the in-your-face glam.

A pair of gold bracelets, a blush lace blouse, swept-back hair and a mauve lip are all it can take to turn the heat up in the daytime or while out on the town. 

Amy Schumer's Corset Top Will Seduce You...Into Buying One

The Magazine: Cosmopolitan

The Star: Gwen Stefani

The Look: Golden Bombshell

The Trend: Cut-Out Overload

Gwen's September cover is sending one very clear message—the glitz is here to stay. Not for the shy at heart, her look embraces flattering cutouts, unique details and a whole lot of sex appeal.

Plus, her sleek and voluminous mane is a welcome message to blowout bar aficionados everywhere—keep up your appointments because fall loves shiny, styled tresses blowing in the autumn breeze. 

The Magazine: InStyle

The Star: Kerry Washington

The Look: Autumn Ingénue

The Trend: Green and Plum 

Finally, an indication of the next three months' color palette. While the Scandal star's hair and makeup are as natural as can be, we can't ignore her plum pout and hunter green bodice. 

For fall, it's out with the oxblood, in with the emerald!