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While most of society was queuing up at Barnes & Noble waiting hours on line to get their copy of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child screenplay, a lucky few have been actually watching the show in real life. 

In fact, it's probably easy to forget that The Cursed Child is even a play at all. But we've got some good news: It's not even really meant to be a book. That bodes well for all of us who were disappointed by the extended epilogue of the Hogwarts saga—we can all remember that it gets better. 

And in fact, there are even more positives to focus on than just the fact that the play is way better than the book. That's because do you know what's even better than the play? The attendees. Yes, grown-up Harry and Hermione have lured some seriously amazing audience members of the A-list persuasion. Not only is it fun to see celebs out in the wild, but we find ourselves much more interested in those actors and actresses who are outing themselves as unabashed Harry Potter fans.

It all started with Ben Affleck. Actually, that's a lie, as he wasn't nearly the first star to hit London's West End for some HP action. But it did get us thinking about all the famous faces who found themselves in the audience. The Batman star took his youngest daughter Violet to see the play, and they just so happened to be accompanied by Affleck's Suicide Squad costar Margot Robbie and Glee actor Darren Criss. Naturally, it called for the group photo above. 

Several members of the original Harry Potter cast have also made the pilgrimage. Earlier in the summer Emma Watson, a.k.a. the big screen Hermione Granger, made an appearance and nearly broke the Internet by posing in a heartwarming embrace with her onstage counterpart, Noma Dumezweni. 

When @emmawatson met #nomadumezweni backstage at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. #Hermiones

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Never one to be stood up, most certainly not by his fictional wife, Rupert Grint (otherwise known as Ron Weasley) decided to stop by the Palace Theater. He also met his alter ego, and they also snapped a pic together—albeit a decidedly less adorable one. (But we still love you, Ron/Rupert!)

Rupert Grint met Paul Thornley after the #CursedChild performance this evening at the Palace Theatre, London. #KeepTheSecrets

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As if that amount of Harry Potter star power wasn't enough, Bonnie Wright and Helena Bonham Carter (Ginny Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange, respectively) also made an appearance to watch the play. No word on whether they thought the story lived up to their legendary films, but it still made for an enjoyable moment. 

Helena Bonham Carter meets the cast of the #CursedChild.

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But the celebs who love Harry Potter aren't simply limited to those who have onscreen superpowers. The cast of the new Star Trek also professed their fandom by watching the play and visiting the stage actors backstage. We speak, of course, of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Pine attempted to disguise himself slightly with an insane goatee, perhaps to avoid causing undue distraction from the onstage goings-on. 

When #StarTrek met #HarryPotter... Chris Pine and Noma Dumezweni. #CursedChild

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Quinto, for his part, wore what seems to be a makeshift Hogwarts costume, with a striped shirt and scarf. (It's not Gryffindor print, but we'll let that slide). Potter-Heads forever. 

When #StarTrek met #HarryPotter... @zacharyquinto and Chris Jarman. #CursedChild

A photo posted by HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild (@hpplayldn) on

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