Justin Bieber's Relationship Rundown: His League of Extraordinary Ex-Girlfriends

Pop singer's complicated love life is a major topic of fascination for his loyal Beliebers

By McKenna Aiello Aug 19, 2016 8:45 PMTags
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Let's be honest, it'd be easier to locate Justin Bieber's nude pics than it would be to recite his dating history at this point.

The pop singer's complicated love life is a major topic of fascination for his loyal Beliebers, who at times have become so invested in Justin's romances that he's had to step in and put an end to the hoopla. Rumored or confirmed, spotted on a date or made Instagram official, Justin and his lady loves can't help but attract attention everywhere they go.

But where does the obsession with Justin's relationships come from? Maybe its jealousy over the fact that we'll never chill by a fire and eat fondue with the 22-year-old, or it's straight up befuddlement that his exes just can't seem to shake the power of the Biebs. 

Regardless, we're in this one for the long haul. Without further ado, a must-know rundown of Justin's league of extraordinary ex-girlfriends: 

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Ex: Selena Gomez

Duration of relationship: On-again, off-again between 2011-2014 (But has it really ever ended?) 

Relationship highlight: Beliebers will never forget their 2011 date night when Justin rented out the entire Staples Center to watch Titanic with Selena.

Reason for breaking up: At the time of their first official split in 2012, a source told E! News their demanding schedules were to blame.

But even four years later these two can't seem to move on, with an insider telling us recently, "They have a rocky relationship. They were very in love at one point and went through a lot and so some feelings just don't go away. Justin's made a lot of mistake but he's matured and grown up."

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Ex: Barbara Palvin

Duration of relationship: For a fleeting moment in 2012, and later in 2014

Relationship highlight: After the Victoria's Secret model (allegedly) caught Bieber's eye, which is said to have caused conflict between the singer and then-girlfriend Gomez, the duo reunited two years later at the Cannes Film Festival in France. 

Reason for breaking up: We're going to chock this one up to merely a case of young love. 


ExAdriana Lima

Duration of relationship: 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Relationship highlight: 12 years his senior, the "Cold Water" crooner "hooked up" with the supermodel while partying it up along the French Riviera. "He had fun with Adriana," Us Weekly reported. "[But] it won't turn into anything serious."

Reason for breaking up: Lima debunked any speculation these two were anything beyond a fling, telling Andy Cohen in 2014, "Anybody below 6-foot-7, you know how I call them? Friends." Ouch. 


ExMiranda Kerr 

Duration of relationship: According to a source, Justin was "very persistent" in getting to know the catwalk queen after the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show. Rumors of any romance between the two came to a sudden head in 2014. 

Relationship highlight: It was the smackdown heard 'round Ibiza when Kerr's ex Orlando Bloom punched Justin after he made a rude comment about Kerr. An insider close to Miranda told E! News exclusively of the incident, "She is very embarrassed about everything that has gone on."

Reason for breaking up: Refer to above, of course. 


ExChantel Jeffries

Duration of relationship: In the early months of 2014, and again this summer when he rented out a New York City theater for a post-concert movie night. "Chantel and Bieber have been hanging out for the past few months," an insider told E! News at the time.

Relationship highlight:  The model's Instagram account nearly gave all of her followers a heart attack after posting a naked photo of Bieber showing off his, um, member, with the caption, "I love you Justin." To make things even more shady, the photo tagged Gomez right on his penis. The post, which appeared to be photoshopped, was swiftly taken down. 

Reason for breaking up: Maybe his 2014 DUI arrest has something to do with it? Jeffries and more of the singer's pals were present for the incident. 


ExHailey Baldwin

Duration of relationship: Off and on between 2014-2016

Relationship highlight: After years of speculation that there was something more between these two below the surface, fans finally got the confirmation they had been waiting for when the model spoke to E! News exclusively. "We are not an exclusive couple. He's about to go on tour," she explained. "Relationships at this age are already complicated, but I don't really like to talk about it because it's between me and him. 

Reason for breaking up: All signs point to the drama surrounding Bieber and Sofia Richie with a source telling us, "Hailey doesn't know how to get over him, so it's hard for her not to pay attention to it... all these fresh Sofia posts are making her very sad." They added, Hailey "knows the drill by now. [Justin] can't be alone and always needs a girl by his side."


Ex (?): Sofia Richie

Duration of relationship: Summer 2016

Relationship highlight: Lionel Richie's 17-year-old daughter shook up the Bieber fandom when she flew to Japan with her rumored flame for a getaway. In case you missed it, the duo's budding relationship caught some flak from Gomez (who later backtracked on her since-viral comments) and the rest, as they say, will go down in Bieber relationship history. 

Reason for breaking up: The jury's still out on whether Sofia and Justin will continue to get to know each other in the near future. After all, Justin sacrificed his millions of Instagram followers for the model! 

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