Miley Cyrus' Bible-loving older boyfriend, Justin Gaston, finally got what he was after: an appearance on the Miley & Mandy Show. That's right, kids, look good in underwear and reach for the stars; dreams really do come true.

After despondently answering Miley's questions and dealing with her and Mandy Jiroux's screeching (you never really know how annoying your 16-year-old girlfriend is until you get her in front of a webcam), Justin finally gets his chance to sing.

And it is magical. Doing his best John Mayer, he croons about being in love while Miley cheers him on and Mandy bobs around like the awkward third wheel she just realized she's become.

Check out this blossoming young love in action. At the very least, we hope Justin lands a record deal to make his pain and suffering worth it.

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