Steven Tyler, Disney World

Disney parks are doing a complete overhaul. Is nothing sacred anymore? Are they so over catering to our millennial obsession with nostalgia? We'll let you be the judge.

First, they did away with Disney Dollars and the fans FLIPPED. Then, they had the audacity to close down the Tower of Terror. You're killing us, Disney!

The parks are taking after Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, giving us update after update we never knew we needed. Even updates we KNOW we never wanted. As we move into this new era of Disney and its famous parks, the PC police are on high alert. The latest change at Disney World? The Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, WDWNT notes. That's right. To some, the update will be seen as a good thing, but to others, it might look like an overreaction. 

The ride features a pre-show video of Steven Tyler and his rocker posse messing around in what looks to be a recording studio. Towards the end of the clip, Tyler raises his hand to his head and makes the supposed obscene gesture you see in the above photo. We'll let you decide what that gesture means to you.

Sure it could be offensive for some, but it has literally been there, doing that, for a whopping 17 years! Why stop now? Did someone finally flip out? Is Disney going soft on us? What's next? Turkey legs made from tofu? Dole Whip with kale sprinkles? Let us live! 

The video above shows what the ride looks like now. Someone digitally fixed the gesture into a normal open hand, which, honestly looks even more ridiculous. You just can't censor rock and roll, brah. 

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